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On separate ways - Part 7 by hippo2 On separate ways - Part 7 by hippo2
Sami sat inside his lamp. Meanwhile, he had nearly lost count of the time since he was last released from his lamp. The last time he was outside, he went to the carnival with Martha. That was now weeks, maybe even months, ago. He had been imprisoned for over a century once, and he partly expected to be imprisoned for many years to come. But this time, his imprisonment was really hard to endure. During his last date with Martha, Sami was angered by Martha's behavior and they parted in a rather unfriendly manner. But after several weeks trapped inside his lamp, Sami was missing her very much. The thought of being separated from her was only soothed by the thought that Martha was a genie, too and would be somewhere around when he would be released next time. Still, he longed to see her as soon as possible. Suddenly, the walls of Sami's lamp began to glow. Sami turned to smoke and was pulled out of his lamp. "I'm Sami, the genie of the lamp and I will grant you one wish and one wish only," he introduced himself.

The person who had summoned him was man in his 50s. His clothes looked a bit worn-down. He sat at a desk in a room that was filled with many different objects, from jewelry, to books, to TVs and computers. "Are you really a genie? I don't believe that!" the man said.

Sami sighed. He would have to convince this man somehow. The man had a lot of stuff in his room, but he looked rather poor. He appeared to Sami as a merchant, but a rather unsuccessful one. Sami assumed that this man, like most humans of his kind, would be a greedy person. So he took a pot of clay on his desk. "I'll prove it." Sami blinked and the pot turned to pure gold.

The man got sparkling eyes. "Ok, I'm convinced You're a genie."

"However," Sami said, as the pot turned back to clay after a few seconds, "my magic is quite limited unless a human wishes for it. So what's it gonna be, Master?"

The man was about to open his mouth, when suddenly, he heard a noise from the storage room.

"Can't you pay attention?!" a young man shouted.
"Oh cut it out, Jo!" a young, female voice replied angrily.


"Nothing happened, Mr. Hachner!"
"Everything's alright, Mr. Hachner!" the two voices replied.

Mr. Hachner shock his head. "My two assistants. Both are not very bright and always get into a fight." He thought for a moment. "Can you turn them into more bright and obedient assistants?"

"I'm sorry, Master, but that would mean to mess with their minds. I'm not allowed to do that!" Sami replied.

"What other rules do you have to follow?" Mr. Hachner asked.

"There are: I can't kill, I can't bring the dead back, I can't tamper with the free will of a person. And, of course, you can't wish for more wishes. I will be bound to you until I have granted you your wish." Sami explained.

"Then I'll wish for something simple. Can you make me very rich?"

"Your wish is granted." Sami blinked. Mr. Hachner gave a scream before he turned into an apple. "Your wish is granted. Now you are now rich in nutrition." Sami said with a devious grin.

"What's going on here?" a young woman asked, who had just stepped into the room. She looked rather plain, with glasses, a short but simple haircut and unstylish clothes.

"Greetings! I'm Sami, the genie of the lamp. And I just granted Mr. Hachner's wish." Sami explained and pointed towards the apply on the table.

"You mean, you turned him into an apple?" Corinna was astonished. "The old miser truly deserved it."

Sami shrugged his shoulders. He saw his assumptions about Mr. Hachner confirmed. He truly deserved his fate. Maybe this Corinna was different. Sami decided to put her to the test. And if she failed, he would have his fun in twisting her wish. "Shall I grant a wish for you, too?"

"As long as you don't twist my wish."

"That depends on the wording." Sami explained.

"Wording!" Corinna rolled her eyes. "Can you transform my body in the way I ask for?"

"That's how wishes work." Sami explained.

Corinna grabbed her small breasts. "Alright, Genie. Then I wish for a big bust!"

Sami was perplexed. Corinna was definitely not the sharpest pencil in the box. Of course, she wished her breasts to be enlarged. A very common wish among vain females. Sami thought about granting that wish by making them so huge, Corinna could hardly move. But then he decided to add Corinna to the shop's inventory. He blinked. First, Corinnas breasts began to swell and soon reached an ample size - not too much but definitely a difference to her former size.

"Very nice!" Corinna said, still holding her breasts. But then her legs and her arms began to vanish. "Wha... What are you doing?" she yelled.

"I'm granting your wish." Sami said. "You are turning into a bust."

Meanwhile, Corinnas skin turned into a yellowish stone. "That's not what I meant."

"But you wished for it. And now I'm granting that wish." Sami said. "Now say cheese!"

Corinna was too confused, so she simply followed Sami's order. "Cheeee...." Then she was just a stone bust.

Carefully, Sami levitated the bust onto an empty shelf.

"Is that Corinna?" a young, male voice suddenly asked.

Sami turned around. A young man was holding his lamp. Like Corinna, he didn't look very special. But he was holding the lamp and Sami was forced to answer him. "Yes, that was her. She made a stupid wish and now she's a bust."

"I'm not surprised. She was never a bright one, unlike me. Can I get some wishes, too?" Johannes asked with an arrogant tone.

"Since you are my Master, I'm forced to grant you one wish and one wish only." Sami was forced to explain.

"What are the rules?" Johannes asked.

Sami sighed. He began to count the rules. When he came to the part about not messing with the mind of mortals, Johannes interfered: "Wait a second. You said can't kill or bring the dead back, but you said you are not allowed to change the mind of humans. Does that mean you can basically do so?"

This time, Sami sighed even more. Johannes had found the loophole in that rule. "You are right. But listen, there's a reason why we are not allowed to do it. If we mess with the mind of a human, the result will usually be a big mess. These wishes tend to rebound on the wisher."

"And, if I insist?" Johannes seemed to be even more determined now.

Sami felt really angry now, as he was forced to answer the question. "Then I have to grant that wish. But you will have to live with it."

"Excellent! Then I wish I would have all the knowledge of the world in my memory." Johannes stated his wish.

Inside, Sami had a feeling of relief. At least, he wasn't forced to destroy somebody else's life. He would only screw up Johannes life. "Your wish is granted!" Sami blinked.

Instantly, Johannes' mind was flooded with huge amounts of knowledge. "Ahhhhhh!" he yelled and pressed his hands against his hurting skull. "Too much! Too much! Stop it!" But he couldn't stop it and Sami didn't think about stopping the flow. Eventually, Johannes sank down on the ground. "Hahahah! I know it, I know it all!" He had a mad expression on his face. "I guess, now that Mr. Hachner is an apple and Corinna is a bust, I guess I own this shop now! Haha! Now I can find out what Mr. Hachner is hiding in his cabinet." Suddenly, Johannes looked disappointed. "Oh, I already know it. It's not that much. But it's mine now, haha!" Johannes stood up and left for Mr. Hachner's office. He left a content Sami behind. Suddenly the door opened and a blonde woman entered the pawn shop...


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Proofreading by :iconjorrun:
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DanStanding Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
Nice ones!
mnmega Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
if he can keep track of it all that last guy might end up pretty well off
kaaslave Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
I'm worried about Johannes's sanity, too.
hippo2 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
His sanity is pretty much gone now. Be careful what you wish from Sami.
GenreChallenger Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
That kind of all-encompassing knowledge is terrifyingly dangerous. Maybe this guy could be a know-it-all villain later? Hmm...
hippo2 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
I rather see him in a mental institution. On the hand, both ideas don't contradict themselves. See Arkham Asylum.
P-z-p-Z Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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