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On separate ways - Part 3 by hippo2 On separate ways - Part 3 by hippo2
Next day was Sunday and thus, it was the free day of the conference. Martha proposed to visit Anne-Laure, a woman she met when Anne-Laure was staying at the hotel. David agreed and, a short Metro ride later, they were at the housing block, where Anne-Laure lived. But after several minutes and repeated ringing, nobody opened.
Eventually, an old woman and neighbor of Anne-Laure called from her balcony: "If you are looking for Anne-Laure, she isn't here."

"Do you know where she is and when she will come back?" Martha yelled.

"I don't know where she goes. For a few months, she disappears every weekend just after work and returns late on Sunday. Maybe she has a boyfriend, though I never saw one." the woman replied.

"Never mind, then!" Martha says. "Have a good day!"

"Have a nice day, too!" the woman replied and tended her flowers again.

Disappointed, Martha and David turned away to return to the Metro station.

Unnoticed by them, a little fairy was watching the scene from a nearby tree. The fairy was nobody else but Anne-Laure. Since she had received the magic fairy costume by a wish granted by Martha, Anne-Laure spent most of her weekends as a fairy. Now that she recognized Martha, she decided to follow the couple and hear what they were up to.

"What a pity that your friend isn't home." David said while checking the internet on his Smartphone.

"Yeah. Any idea what we can do now?" Martha asked.

"We could still go to the movies. Or how about the theater?" David proposed. "They are doing William Tell."

"Of course you would want to see a play about the Swiss national hero. But, ok. Let's go there." Martha laughed.

David tried to order the tickets online. "Oh, no. It's basically sold out. I can't get any tickets on that page."

"That's a pity. We better head back to the Hotel du Jardin then." Martha replied, disappointed.

A few minutes later, Martha and David were arriving at a crowded Metro station. Anne-Laure was still flying above and behind them, when the fairy saw a young man pushing closer to the couple. Skillfully, he opened David's backpack, preparing to steal what values he could find within. David didn't notice anything since he was tucked inbetween other persons rushing into the Metro station. Now, Anne-Laure struck. She dove down at the thief and aimed her wand at him. Instantly, the thief transformed into three tickets for William Tell. Anne-Laure caught the tickets before they hit the ground. Then, she headed for the Hotel du Jardin while David and Martha waited for the Metro.

When David and Martha returned to their hotel, the receptionist passed them a closed envelope. 'From Anne-Laure' was written on it. Martha opened the envelope immediately and read the letter within. "It's from Anne-Laure. She sent us tickets for William Tell and wrote that she will be here at six o'clock."

David couldn't believe it. "That's fantastic. But how does she know we want to see this play? And from whom did she get the tickets?"

"I have an idea. But I'm afraid you won't like it much." Martha replied.

"What do you mean? Is she a genie too?" David wondered.

"Not a genie. But she has some magic powers, as well." Martha explained. "Best you ask her yourself when she comes here."

"I will. But what shall we do until 6 o'clock?"

"How about some sightseeing? We're in Paris, after all." Martha proposed.

"Good idea." David replied.

Later that evening, after the play was over, Anne-Laure, Martha and David were strolling the streets of Paris. Anne-Laure had promised to show them a very nice place that wasn't a big tourist spot. So, she led them to the Stravinsky Fountain near Centre Pompidou. Martha and David were both impressed by the colorful plastics and the mechanical devices.

"That was a wonderful evening, Anne-Laure. But how did you know that we wanted to see that particular play?" David asked.

Anne-Laure gave Martha a questioning look. "Don't worry, Anne-Laure. He knows that I'm a genie. You can tell him." the genie said.

"Alright then. Thanks to a wish granted by Martha, I can turn into a fairy. I even have a magic wand, with which I can transform things." Anne-Laure explained. "When you came to my place this morning, I watched you from a tree and followed you."

"That's how you learned that we tried to get tickets for the play and used your magic to conjure up the tickets?" David assumed.

"Not conjured up. I transformed something into the tickets." Anne-Laure explained.

David had a suspicious feeling. "Transformed? What did you transform into the tickets?"

"There was a pickpocket trying to steal from you. I prevented that by turning him into the tickets."

"Why... why do you magic creatures always destroy the lives of your victims?" David was horrified.

"Don't worry. My magic only lasts until the next sunrise. Then, the tickets will turn back into the man." Anne-Laure explained. "Did you want to be robbed, instead?"

"No! Of course not." David admitted. "I guess he deserved some punishment. And since he will turn back next morning, no real harm is done. Do you want the tickets back?"

"That would be nice." Anne-Laure collected the tickets from Martha and David.

When Martha passed her ticket, she touched the corner where the usher had torn the snippets away. "I just hope no important part of him is missing, now that the snippets are gone."

"Oh, don't worry. My magic never does severe harm. I'm sure nothing important is missing." Anne-Laure reassured David.

"I just hope you're right. I doesn't want to have this beautiful evening being ruined." David stepped next to Martha and put his hand on her shoulder. Martha blushed a bit.


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Proofreading by :iconjorrun:
Anne-Laure is an OC by :icongaucelm:
The dress in the 5th panel is also by him [link]
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gaucelm Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Student General Artist
Heyyy, it's always a pleasure to see you drawing my character of Anne-Laure!

It is amusing to see her as a fairy and playing these silly tricks.

I like how Anne-Laure is wearing a "moon dress" in the lower panel; I see you were inspired by one of my other drawings!
hippo2 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012
I guess the thief won't call loosing his hair a silly trick. But I guess, for Anne-Laure it's just a harmless game to use her fairy magic on others. Or am I wrong here?
mnmega Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
lol, "snip"pets. I get it!
hippo2 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012
Yeah! I didn't get that pun.
GenreChallenger Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well, at least all he lost is hair. It will grow back, maybe.
hippo2 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
Yup! These are the snippets torn off the tickets.
GenreChallenger Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, but some people like the bald look! :D
SonicMasterHero Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
Missing hair. Lol.
kaaslave Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
LOL! Great story. :)
P-z-p-Z Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hahahahahahahahahaha! That's a fitting punishment for that crook.
hippo2 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
Yup! Maybe Martha should learn from Anne-Laure about magic punishments. The worst thing that can happen to the crook is that he stays bald.
P-z-p-Z Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, maybe, Anne-Laure's punishments always wear off.
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