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Mathematical Perseus vs. Medusa

The old greek myth about the hero Perseus is one of the most famous myths. Perseus set off to kill the monster Medusa, a woman with snakes for hair and a petrifying gaze. With the help of Athen and Hermes, he managed to kill Medusa by using is shiny shield as a mirror to reflect the petrifying gaze on the monster.

Now here's the maths:
All points are set in the R³. The point P (-1/-1/2) describes Perseus' head. The point M (3/3/0) describes Medusa's head. The point S (0/0/1.5) is in the middle of the shield. Medusa is looking straight at Perseus' head.

Calculate the Matrix for the Linear Transformation, which reflects the image of Medusa on the plane of the Shield.

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In the original story the bastard killed her while she was sleeping, which wasn't very fair.
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True. I re-read some greek myths today. And many so-called "heroes" do pretty nasty things, like raping women and killing their own children. Just to mention a few.
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I think in those days 'hero' just meant someone capable of slaughtering an entire city because he got served the wrong sandwich LOL
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It's a creative idea.
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That's an interesting look at the old myth!
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Not how it happened, but okay.
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I know. I took some artistic liberties in changes from the original myth.
Great pic! We have some gorgon races like hydrocome the gorgon mermaids.

Any ideas for gorgon races?
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