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Martha, the family maker - Part 4 by hippo2 Martha, the family maker - Part 4 by hippo2
Martha reappeared in David's flat.

"What was it?" David asked.

"A friend of Amelia. She got pregnant by accident and I helped her out. I changed her and the father's genders and now, the new woman is carrying the baby." Martha explained.

David was perplexed. "Once more, a bit slower."

"Alright." Martha said, and told the whole story.

When she was finished, David frowned a bit. "I guess you gave both of them a lessons. But are you sure they will take good care of their child? What if they both abandon their child?"

Martha remained silent for a moment. "... I don't know. Say, what would you have done in my place?"

"Julia wished for Simon to carry their child? How about if you simply skipped the pregnancy and placed the child in Simons arm? Even if both of them would have abandoned the child, we could still have found a solution. Wouldn't have been the first orphan you genies created, right?" David explained.

Martha remembered Frida, her brother's former secretary, who started a new life as a six year old child in a boarding school. "I guess... Now I'm really worried if I really did the right thing."

"At least you saved the life of the child. Otherwise, Julia might have had an abortion. You really did that right." tried David to cheer Martha up. But for quite some time, Martha remained silent, thinking about what she had done.

Later the door bell rung. David stood up and opened the door. Martha could hear his voice: "Hello, Amelia. What a pleasant surprise. Please come in!"

Soon, the mouse girl and David entered the Kitchen. Amelia was surprised to see Martha. "Err, David, I didn't know Martha is here. If I'm disturbing you, I'll see you later."

"Not at all. Please don't go. Have a seat, Amelia!" David urged her to stay. While he turned away to bring a glass of wine for Amelia, the mouse girl sat down. When Amelia's eyes met Martha's, the mouse girl gave the genie a hostile glance.

Martha was surprised and frightened by that expression. She tried to ease the situation. "Don't worry, Amelia. Your friend Julia already dragged me from David earlier this evening. I'm glad you finally came over."

"Why are you happy, Martha?" David asked. He sat down next to Amelia.

"I talked with Amelia about you. And I asked her to talk to you!" Martha said.

"Yes, that's why I'm here." Amelia took a deep breath. "David, I know we - both - had a rough time lately. I still shudder when I think back to when you nearly crushed me, but I understand that you are not to blame. How could you have known that I was the mouse? And so, I decided to forgive you."

"Amelia, I... I don't know what to say." David said. "I waited so long to hear these words."

"So, would you give me another chance?" Amelia asked.

"Amelia, well... ok. But we should take things slowly. Don't get me wrong! I'm happy that you are forgiving me. But over the last weeks, I kind of steered away from you, too." David explained with a sad voice.

Amelia was very confused. "David... I don't understand... I thought you wanted me back."

Now Martha intervened. "Amelia, David still likes you. He just needs some time to get used to you again. If you give him that chance, he might get together with you again."

Amelia nodded. "I'm happy you are giving me that chance, David. Let's make the best of it."

"Alright, I have to go back to my lamp now. Now you can talk in private."

"No, it's ok, Martha. You can stay if you like." David said. "Is somebody hungry, too?"

"You don't understand me. My twelve hours are up." Martha said.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." David said. "Anyway, thank you for all you've done to..."

Before David could finished the sentence, Martha had already faded away. David turned to Amelia. "And then there were only two. Wanna have some apple juice, Amelia?" he asked.

"Sure. I guess there's a lot you want to talk about?"

David brought some glasses and a bottle to the table. "Indeed. We have all evening now to talk."

David and Amelia toasted with their glasses. They had a long night to talk with each other ahead.


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Proofreading by :iconjorrun:

Martha will return in "Karmic payback."
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magicshoppe Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
I don't know. I wasn't happy with the last chapter and find it odd that David was so gung ho for Martha genderswapping two people. He's become far more "corrupted" by the "well a genie has to grant a wish" it seems than Martha at this point.

"I wish that Simon would have to carry our child" could have just as easily been granted by bringing the baby to term and putting it in his arms. And someone, like David, should have pointed this out to Martha.
hippo2 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
You know there's supposed to be some fun in transformations in this story...

In case that Martha had just accelerated the childs birth, why shouldn't Simon just drop the child in Julia's arms and walk away?
magicshoppe Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
There's nothing fun about a man becoming a pregnant woman. And there's nothing wrong with Simon dropping the kid in Julia's arms and walking away. Frankly, I don't want a father hanging around a child resenting that kid's existence. Worse, now it's a mother resenting the kid's existence. Nothing about Julia's vindictiveness was fun. The true loser in all of it is the unborn child since even Julia was considering abortion. Heck, who's to say Jules won't walk away leaving Simone and the child to fend for themselves?

Now, I don't mind Martha being somewhat oblivious to this analysis. She is perhaps becoming more like Sami than the last story with her brother shows she would like. But I expect David to remind her that playing with people's lives is inhumane.

Fun transformations are things like the woman who turned herself into a faery. Genie stories are unusual if you want fun transformations. Genies are judge, jury and executioner of foolish people who cannot control their base desires. A story where Martha becomes JJ&E is no longer "fun". It is justice. Or it should be. Was justice served in Jules, Simone, and the baby's cases?
hippo2 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
I see your point. Martha is definitely thinking like a genie here trying to do the right thing. And partly she did, as she saved the childs life. Still, the genie mentality has already gotten the better part of her. But she's trying.

I changed the story in such a way, that David points out how she could have done it better. You're right that a more thoughtful approach would suit David better here. He might try to get Martha back on the right track. But if he will succeed is another question.
magicshoppe Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
Word choice error in David's explanation. I believe "How you" should be something like "How about if you had".

Glad to see you think I'm helping and not just being annoying. :)
hippo2 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
Thank you for the help. I liked your interpretation of "I wish Simon would carry our child." The change of text also helped me to solve a logic problem in the former version.

I think it fits now. Still, you have to admit that Martha did a good thing in saving the childs life.
magicshoppe Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
She was too hung up in saving the child, I think. So the lives around the child became moot. And it is that ability to render anyone's life moot that is her (literal) curse. That is the mentality she is trying to avoid.

And I'm an old school D&D DM. Misinterpreting the literal words of wishes is a required skill. :) (It's kind of what I'm looking for in a genie story.)
hippo2 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
Martha is struggeling a fight, she might loose. She tries to save what is left of her humanity. But she has already lost so much of it, that it might be too late.

Sami's way, to abandon humanity, might appear as an easy solution. But it will definitely turn Martha into an evil creature. We've already see what happens if Martha has the unlimited power of a free djinn.

Maybe becomming human again will be the only way to safe her humanity. But is she willing to give up her genie powers?

Or can Martha learn to use her powers in a truely beneficial way, becomming a good djinn?
GenreChallenger Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Nice wrap up. I wonder what will come next.
P-z-p-Z Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Very nice ending man.
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