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Magic Mirror request by hippo2 Magic Mirror request by hippo2
This is a request for :iconmanymasksmanyfaces: His OC James looks into the magic mirror. The outlooks seems to be quite a surprise for him.
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a1993 Featured By Owner Edited May 15, 2016
Reminds me that TheTGartist had once done something like this... But they deactivated their account unfortunately.
jessicasweettv Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
He's a maid in the mirror universe
hippo2 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 24, 2014
It's a picture for a TG story. Here are the parts of that story.

A Maid's Tale Part 1
This takes place in :iconhippo2:'s Martha Universe
Spring break  March 2012
The Cabriolet was racing south-bound on the Autobahn in the Rhine Valley. James held on tight as his friend Chris sped down the road happy as a child on Christmas without speed limits. Thank goodness he quickly mastered driving in Europe. His other friend Tommy and their German guide Conrad were in the back seats looking like they were on a roller coaster. Earning college credit was never so easy nor fun. Forget Panama City for spring break, nothing was quite like a German pub. He got German language credit like many others in his group.
However, James cared more about the history credit from touring the beautiful cites full of history:  Berlin the first day, Dresden the second, Eisenach the third, the Rhine Valley fourth, Heidelberg fifth, and finally they were heading to Zurich, Switzerland. James explored two millennia of history in a few days. Only now did he understand that it was too m
A Maid's Tale part 2
Amelia led James to the second floor of the hotel with the new maid carrying the cleaning supplies. She showed James the keycard and explained that each maid has one so that they could access each room as well as their own. However, it was important to use them responsibility as the Grandhotel prided its reputation as a hotel with no reported instances of maid thievery.
James took the keycard, "Where should I put it? This uniform doesn't have pockets. Stupid girl clothes..."
"Your apron has a pocket." Amelia replied pointing it out for James. "Put everything like that in your apron since you are not allowed to carry around handbags while working. Also, no cell phones while you are on duty. You must be focused on your tasks as well as treating the hotel guests with respect."
James kept his complaints about the 'no cellphone' policy to himself and hoped he would never need to carry a handbag ever save for when he was forced to carry it by a future girlfriend. Maybe a red handbag would su

A Maid's Tale part 3
James awoke with a terrible hangover. He moved slowly holding his head and looked himself over. He still possessed the body of a woman and he was indeed still dressed as a maid… He sat up in the bed and saw the note on the lamp stand by the bed, he picked it up and tried to focus on it. It was written by Amelia. It said:
Good morning James. When you read that, you've hopefully slept of your stupor. So get out of bed and prepare for your first complete day as a maid. You will find two spare maid uniforms in the wardrobe. They are provided by hotel. Take a shower and put up some decent makeup. Then dress appropriately in a fresh maid uniform. Meet me in the staff's coffee kitchen at least at 8am.
James glanced over to the alarm clock. It was 7:40, which was enough time for him to get ready in college so it was probably enough time now. James got up in the bed not falling over from the heels he still wore, but he took them off, "Verfluchte Schuhe."
He moved sluggishly to the
A Maid's Tale part 4
James was still on his bed sobbing as the morning became afternoon. He felt terrible. If Martha couldn't convince Sami to turn him back, he would be stuck as a woman for good. Amelia sat at his side with her arms around his shoulders offering her handkerchief to the crying maid.  James took it and wiped his eyes.
"Ja...mes, do you still want to go shopping? Or would you rather stay here?" Amelia asked.
Jana wiped away her tears with a handkerchief, "Yes, I will feel better then. I don't know what came over me Mistress Amelia."
Inside, James barely realized that Jana was in control again. In fact, he did not care. He was just too depressed at the moment...
"Alright. Maybe you should put on new makeup. Then we can catch Gaelle and hit all sorts of shops in the city center.” Amelia proposed.
Jana nodded seeing her hands covered in makeup smears from her sobs, "I should clean myself up. Also, I can't go out dressed like a maid. I need some new clothes. I hate to impose… b

A Maid's Tale part 5
James awoke in his bed in his room stretching after a pleasant sleep. He noticed a package on his nightstand, and picked up the note on top of it.
Dear Jana,
Yesterday was fun! You have day off today. A gift from the both of us and hope that we can do it again sometime. Sorry for bad English we are both practicing.
Enjoy payday!
Amelia and Gaelle

Jana felt light in the stomach from the gratitude she felt from the gift! She opened the package she pulled out a purse with a tag that had a smiley face and Gaelle’s signature.
Jana gasped as she admired the purse, “Gaelle, you shouldn’t have.”
She opened the purse and gasped when she saw a cell phone and wallet full of money. James thought they looked familiar, and he realized that they were his! Well, when he was… was a guy. Yeah, a guy from the United States who came to Europe to... Well, details don’t matter he had something else to remember his old identity- his true identity. Even if the new
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jessicasweettv Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
I'll go mark it and read it
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