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How I draw my pictures by hippo2 How I draw my pictures by hippo2
Here's a new presentation of how I draw my pictures.

Explanation from left to right.

Picture I
The complete figure is 7.5 heads high. One head is 2.4cm hight, giving the complete figure a height of 18 cm. First, I draw 9 horizontal lines with pencils. This creates 8 sections. The upper seven sections are each one head high, the lowest section, indicating the feet, is only 0.5 head hight.
Next I draw the pose with a pencil into the 8 sections. Important proportions are:
1st section: Head down to the chin.
2nd and 3rd section: Neck, chest.
The waistline is between 3rd and 4th section.
End of torso is at the bottom of the 4th section.
The knees are in the middle of the 6th section.
The feet are in the lowest section.

Picture II
I draw the character with a medium-hard pencil over the proportion sketch.

Picture III
I redraw the lines with a fine inkpenk.

Picture IV
I erase the pencil lines with a rubber eraser.
Next, I retrace the outer lines with a thicker inkpen.
Finally, I scan the drawing.

Picture V
I hopen the scanned picture with GIMP. You can also use Photoshop or a comparable software.
I open the Colour Adjusting tool and enforce the dark lines.

Picture VI
I turn the white colour to transparent. You'll find this function in the layer section of GIMP.
Also, I do small repairs, if necessary.

Picture VII
I colourize the outlines of the different parts of the figure (e.g. Skin, hair, different clothes). For this I use the normal brush tool.

Picture VIII
Finally, I fill the different sections. First I select the section I want to fill with the magic wand and expand the section by one pixel. Then I use flood fill or gradient fill to fill the sections with colour (set to behind).
If desired, I can add shadows with a painbrush (Transparency 20%, colour black)
(I added a grey background so you can see the colours better)
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