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He's MY master - Part 5 by hippo2 He's MY master - Part 5 by hippo2
Martha sat frustrated inside her new prison. She was trapped inside since yesterday afternoon. In the evening, Adam returned and Christine presented the ball to her master. Adam repeated the request to submit to him and again, Martha rejected it. Adam didn’t show any reaction. Instead, he started making out with Christine before both disappeared into the bedroom.
When the 12-hour limit elapsed, Martha had hoped that she would return to her own lamp automatically, but it was in vain. She was still trapped inside. In the morning, Adam and Christine returned and repeated their “offer”, but Martha refused again. And so, both left Martha behind to ponder her situation.
About two hours later, the door opened again. Amelia the maid entered the room to clean it. When Amelia spotted the crystal ball, she curiously took a deep look inside. The sight of Martha gave her such a shock that she dropped the ball to the ground. It didn’t break, but Martha was thoroughly shaken. When Amelia took the ball again and held it close to her face, Martha addressed the maid:
“Amelia, you have to help me! Get this ball out of the room before the patron returns,” she commanded.

“No! I’m not allowed to do that. I could be fired for this.” Amelia replied.

“Right” said Martha. In her desire to get away from Adam and Christine, she forgot that there were of course rules a maid had to obey. “Then you have to help me get out of this ball!”

“You are an evil genie! I shouldn’t let you out of that ball!”

“What?!? Who told you I was evil?” Martha asked.

“It was Svetlana. She’s my best friend.” Amelia replied. “She told me that you would turn me back into a mouse if I ever I summon you.”

“Back into a mouse? What do you mean?” Martha inquired.

“I remember being a mouse once. I was locked inside a mouse trap. But Svetlana released me. There was also this nice, purple genie. He did something to me, because the next moment, I was as I am now. I don't want to be stuck in a trap again. I don’t want to be a mouse again.” Amelia wailed.

“Don’t worry, Amelia! I won’t turn you back. All I want is getting out of this ball. So please let me out.” Martha begged.

“How can I trust you?” Amelia asked.

“I’m locked in here like you were locked inside the mousetrap. I know how bad it feels, so I won’t force you to go through it again. I promise, I won’t turn you back.” Martha argued.

“Really?” Amelia asked, not very convinced.

“Yes, Amelia. I can even grant you wishes if you have some.” Martha proposed.

“Ok. How can I help you?” Amelia finally gave in.

“Listen, Amelia. Go to the lobby. Near the rest rooms, there is another oil lamp. If you rub that lamp, a blue genie will appear and promise you one wish. His name is Sami. Don’t state a wish!!! Tell Sami that I’m trapped. Then bring him here. Do you understand?”

“…rub the lamp. No wishing. Bring Sami here.” Amelia repeated the orders. “I think I got it!” she said and rushed off.

“I really hope Sami won’t be angry at me anymore…” Martha said to herself


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Proofreading by :iconjorrun:
kaaslave Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011
Hope Martha's plan works. :)
P-z-p-Z Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Nice man.
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