He's MY master - Part 2
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When Martha materialized in front of her lamp, her clothes had already changed into her harem attire. The person who had rubbed her lamp was a man of around 40 years. He was wearing expensive clothes.

“I’m Martha, the genie of the lamp. You got three wishes, Master!” Martha introduced herself.

“I know that you’re a genie! That’s why I rubbed your lamp. My name is Adam Pearce.” the man replied.

“Since you already know about genies, can we get to the wishing part?” Martha replied a bit annoyed.

“Don’t worry. I’m not one of these egoistical masters. In fact, I want you to do something nice. How about we go to the premier of ‘Aida’ in the opera house today?” Adam proposed.

“YOU are inviting ME to the opera?” Martha asked, obviously surprised.

“As I said, I know about genies. And since I’m your master now, I want to give you the chance to get out of your prison for a while,” he explained. “So, how about it?”

“That’s very nice of you Master, but the premier is sold out since long ago.” Martha replied. As a receptionist, she had to turn down several requests for tickets during the last days.

“How do you know about this?” Adam asked.
‘Damn!’ Martha thought. ‘I should be more careful about what I say. “A guest of the hotel wished for such tickets too.” She answered. Since genies can’t lie to their masters, Martha tried to give Adam an answer as vague as possible.

“Your last Master I assume?” asked Adam. Martha lowered her head as if she would nod.
“ I see. Then it should be no problem for you to get two of the best tickets for the two of us.” Adam wished.

“Your wish is my command.” Martha replied and blinked. Two tickets for seats in a box appeared in Adams hand.

“Thank you very much. If you like, you can stay outside your lamp until then.” Adam replied sounding generously.

“Thank you master, I'll have a look around then.” Martha answered. She blinked and disappeared from Adam's view.

After she had left Adam, Martha returned to David and Amelia. On the obvious questions where she had been, Martha answered that a guest of the hotel requested some aid – which was not even a lie. Over the next hours, she showed David more about the work in the hotel. Finally she returned to the front desk. Here, she asked Babette if she knew something about Mr. Pearce. Her co-worker told Martha, that Mr. Pearce appears to be a very rich and a bit excentric American. His tips anyway were good, at least

‘So he isn’t really in need of a genie...’ Martha thought. ‘I wonder what he wants from me. Anyway, as long as he rubs my lamp, I’m bound to serve him.’
Martha was about to return to her lamp after her shift, when suddenly she was summoned again. Of course, it was Mr. Pearce who had called her. When Martha materialized in front of her lamp, she was already wearing a satin evening gown.

“You look marvelous, Martha!” Adam said to her.

“Thank you, very much!” Martha replied. “Shall we go to the opera?”

“Definitely!” Adam offered her his arm and both walked outside, where a limousine was waiting for them.

It was after midnight when Martha and Adam returned to the hotel. The opera was superb and Adam was really a gentleman. A part of Martha really enjoyed the evening. But another part of her wished that instead of Adam, Sami would have been with her to the opera. She really missed him and couldn’t wait to return to the hotel. In the lobby, she bid him farewell, since she wanted to see Sami before returning to her lamp. “Thank you for the evening, Master. But it was a long day and I’d like to return to my lamp now.”

“That’s ok. I’ll walk you there.” Adam insisted.

Martha sighed. So much for her plan to see Sami that evening. If she would return into her lamp, she wouldn’t be able to get out of it for the next 12 hours. Luckily, she had the late shift tomorrow. But this also meant that she couldn’t see Sami for the next 12 hours either. But since Adam was her master now, she had no choice.

When both arrived in front of her lamp, Martha decided to shorten the scene. “Again thank you, Master. I really enjoyed it. But please let me go now.”

“Well, if you insist, I won’t force you to do otherwise.” Adam declared.

Martha felt that he was kind of disappointed. “Good night, Master!” she said and returned into her lamp.


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May I take a wild guess? He's either trying to woe Martha enough so she will be willing to grant a very specific wish for his own gain, or he's romantically interested. Nonetheless great story, can't wait until next time.
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Oh, you will be surprised and propably horrified.
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That sounds very vague but promising, I simply cannot wait.
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Cool story. :)
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Thank you! Please have a look on the other Martha stories too.
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P-z-p-Z|Hobbyist Writer
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P-z-p-Z|Hobbyist Writer
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