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Genie Con 2011 - Part 4

About one hour later, Sami and Martha were at the convention, sitting in the theater hall inside the Volkshaus. They had placed their lamps on a table next to the bench. Martha had just returned from one of the stands. She held two pieces of paper. “Guess what Sami! There will be a contest later today. And I’ve signed both of us in.”

“What kind of contest?” Sami looked a bit confused.

“They are looking for the best genie costume. I’d say both of us have good chances.” Martha explained. “And if not, it’s fun to participate.”

“Yeah. I have to admit that this Convention-thing is quite amusing.” Sami turned towards Martha and took her hands. “Thank you for the suggestion to come here.” Martha was nearly blushing as Sami put his arm around her. Martha returned the gesture.

That moment a group of cosplayers, dressed up as a dark-skinned warrior, a blond Bard, a redhead rogue, an elf with purple hair and two characters, that were supposed to be a dwarf and a halfling – though these role players were a bit too tall for their characters – walked by. The red-haired girl, wearing brown leather quickly snatched Sami’s lamp as she walked by. Neither Sami nor Martha had spotted the theft. “What are you doing? That’s robbery, you know?” the dark-skinned boy, dressed up as a warrior in blue armor, warned her.

“What’s wrong? I’m a rogue, I’m totally in character.” The girl replied.

“You are such a fangirl! Even if you are playing Haley, these two might be quite annoyed if you take their stuff.” Another one of her companions, the blond boy dressed up as a bard argued.

“Ok, I’ll give it back to them. But they have to grant us a wish, ok?” The girl sounded really annoyed as she approached Sami. “Excuse me, Mr. Genie: Is that your lamp?”

Sami was quite surprised by this interruption. “Yes it is! What do you want?”

“A wish, of course!” the girl replied cockily.

“Alright! But you have to rub my lamp first.” The girl did as Sami had just told her. “I’m Sami, the genie of the Lamp. I’ll grant you one wish and one wish only!”

“Cool!” the girl replied. “Then I wish we could experience an adventure like the Order of the Stick does.” The other members of her group could only shake their heads. Their group mate seemed to have lost contact to reality now.

“Your wish is my command.” Sami blinked and the group disappeared.

“What did you do to them?” Martha asked.

“I send them to a time, where they can experience the adventure they want. If they solve the quest, they will return to this word.” Sami explained. “I know how you think about being too harsh to the masters.”

“You didn’t have to, not for me. But I think it’s fair that you gave them a chance.” She took Sami’s hand and led him to another part of the convention.


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The Order of the Stick is an online comic by Rich Burlew. It's really funny:
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Ha HA! Now Order of the Stick reference. Nice!