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Forever Genie? - Part 4E (Mouse, Geniedom) by hippo2 Forever Genie? - Part 4E (Mouse, Geniedom) by hippo2
Martha sat in her lamp. Since she had the huge argument with David, Martha spent most time inside her lamp. But of course, she felt lonely. Since she had spend enough time inside her lamp to get out again, Martha decided to visit the only person who felt like her and would understand her: Sami. Martha left her lamp to visit the blue-skinned genie.

A few minutes later, Martha teleported into the dark and deserted hotel's lobby. She walked over to Sami's lamp and rubbed it. Immediately, the blue-skinned genie appeared.

"Hello Martha. Long time not seen. What brings you here?"

Martha embraced Sami. "I came here to see you."

Sami smiled back at her. "Wow, I'm surprised. I was already wondering why you didn't visit me earlier."

"Sami, I'm sorry. But a lot of things had happened recently. For once, I don't live in the hotel anymore." Martha apologized.

"It's ok, Martha. How about we go inside and you tell me everything there? The lobby at night isn't exactly a cozy place."

"That would be nice." Martha cuddled around Sami. Both genies turned into smoke and went into Sami's lamp.

Inside Sami's lamp, Martha was sitting next to Sami on his sofa and told him what had happened over the last days. How Svetlana had taken over the hotel and fired Martha and David. And then, how Martha had moved in with David. "I can't believe you haven't noticed anything of that."

Sami shook his head. "Not all of us are semi-free genies, you know?"

"Sorry, I forgot that you are trapped inside your lamp 24/7. Sami, I wish I could release you from your prison. But as a genie, I can't do that." Martha said.

"I know, an enslaved genie can't do that." Sami explained. "But for a free jinn it's a different story. As long as this jinn is powerful enough to break the magic that trapped you inside."

"Fat chance I could ever break the spell on your lamp." Martha replied disappointedly. "Say, could you break the spell that binds me to my lamp?"

Sami thought for a while. "Your lamp bears a very old enchantment. More than thousand years old. But I think I can do it. Anyway these thoughts are just love's labor lost, unless you find someone who would wish me free."

Martha thought about asking Amelia or David but quickly, she rejected that thought: After they had locked her away and after she had lashed out on them, Martha doubted that they would wish her free soon. She shook her head. "I can't think about somebody who would do that."
When Martha realized, that Sami was staring on the ground, she wrapped her arm around his shoulder. "Hey Sami, don't be sad. At least you're not alone. If it's ok for you, I'll stay here with you tonight."

Sami looked at her in surprise. "You would do that?"

"Sure. Tonight, I'm your genie." Martha replied.

Sami smiled. He snipped his fingers and the sofa turned into a large double bed. Sami and Martha sank down on the mattress. Cuddling with each other, both genies soon fell asleep.

The next morning, Martha and Sami were ruggedly pulled from sleep when somebody rubbed Sami's lamp. When both genies, still a bit sleepy, materialized outside, they looked into the sarcastic face of Svetlana. "Look what we've got here: My favorite Genies! Martha and Sami, just as I expected."

"How did you know Martha was here?" Sami asked.

Meanwhile, Martha had taken a look around. "She installed video cameras." Martha said. "Not that much trusts in your guests, have you?"

"What's a video camera?" Sami asked.

"I'll explain to you later, dear." Martha said.

Svetlana was quite amused by Sami's lack of knowledge. "That won't happen, Martha. I've fired you and you are no patron of my hotel. Thus, you are trespassing. I hereby order you to stay away from my house. If you ever show up again in my Hotel, I'll call the police."

Sami stepped between Svetlana and Martha. "That won't stop her. She's a genie."

"Stop Sami. She has the right to do it. And if she calls the police, I'll have even more difficulties to move in the human world. All I can do then is hide inside my lamp. I'll go now."

"Good girl!" Svetlana teased Martha.

Martha turned on her heels and faced Svetlana. "Listen, Svetlana. I will return. And then you will pay for all you have done!" Martha turned again and left the hotel.


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Agent505 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Professional Writer
So many story branches...
I'm liking A, but only because it was first.
hippo2 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013
Each branch gives an idea of Martha's final fate.
Agent505 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Professional Writer
I know, and there's a lot to choose from - I just can't decide.
hippo2 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013
Please keep in mind, that you can't combine the parts with older episodes at will. There are several different storylines. You have to follow the codewords.
Agent505 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013  Professional Writer
Quite aware of this, yep.
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