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Forever  Genie? - Part 3B (Geniedom) by hippo2 Forever  Genie? - Part 3B (Geniedom) by hippo2
When Martha came to work, she was surprised to see Svetlana standing in an expensive business suit and greeting the guests. Something was definitely not right. When Svetlana spotted Martha she put up a devilish smile. "Good Morning, Miss de Santos. You finally care to appear to work, finally?"

"What are you talking about, Svetlana? My shifts start in half an hour. And why do you behave as if you'd run the hotel? Where's M. Sprüngli?"

"Because I'm the owner of the hotel. Don't you remember?" Svetlana asked, seemingly asTonyshed.

Martha frowned. "No I don't remember. You're just a lowly maid, Svetlana. And a terrible person too."

Svetlana was now puzzled. Why didn't Martha recognize her as the hotel owner she was now? Quickly she regained her composure. "That's Mistress Petroskaya for you. And it doesn't matter. This is for you." She handed Martha an envelope.

"What's this?" Martha took the envelope.

"It's your lay-off. Your fired." Svetlana replied. "You can check, all the documents are airtight."

"I see." Martha opened the envelope. Svetlana was right, all documents looked legitimate. It was a standard layoff according to Swiss law. "I guess I can still work here for two more months?"

"Everything according to the law. Of course, you can always leave earlier, if you want too." Svetlana replied with a smile.

Martha nodded. She didn't understand how Svetlana had taken over the hotel. Most likely, Gregorios had his hands in play. It didn't really matter to Martha anymore anyway. Losing her job in the human world was simply another step for her to completely become a genie. And if Svetlana dared to ask her for a wish, she would grant that wish in a way, Svetlana would regret forever. "You know, I'd rater leave at once. Goodbye." Martha blinked and turned her skin green. Then she turned into green smoke and returned into her lamp.

A few hours later, Martha was summoned. When she came out of her lamp, she found herself in David's kitchen. David had just summoned her. " David, what am I doing in your kitchen?" she asked angrily.

"Svetlana fired me." David replied. "I didn't want to let you within her power."

Martha put on a sarcastic smile. "That's so cute of you. You think I can't defend myself against Svetlana. Thus I need a strong, manly protector, heh? Oh, and by the way, Svetlana fired me too."

"Cut that sexuality stuff out, Martha. Why are so sarcastic all at once. Just because I kept you locked in that bottle for two weeks?" David asked.

"Of course! I'm still angry with you. You had no right to decide that." Martha bragged out at him.

"I won't go through that argument again. But I wouldn't leave you in the grasps of Svetlana. Especially now that you are fired too." David replied.

"Here we go again... You presume to decide for me what is right." Martha lashed back on him.

Now David was angry too. "Shall I bring you back? Or sell your lamp over the internet? Is it that what you want?"

Martha took a deep breath. She was about to taunt David to do that, when she sudden realized something: If David would give her lamp away now, probably sell it over the internet, Martha would be separated from the only person that really understood her: Sami.
"No... Of course not." Martha meekly admitted. "What do you have in mind now?"

David's face brightened up a little. "You can stay at my place. Maybe you can give me a hand in the house. And we'll see how things turn out."

Martha frowned. She was to accuse David again he would be dominating her, but then, she realized, that it would be only fair to do her part of the bargain. In the long term, it would be good to become a free genie, if possible along with Sami. Then both genies could finally turn away from the human world. But until then... "Alright, David. I accept."

"Good, Martha. I hope we'll sort out our difference over time..." David shook Martha's hand.

"We'll see, David. We'll see." Martha released David's hand again and returned to her lamp.


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magicshoppe Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013
I'd love to know what David actually said here: "I didn't want to let within her power."
hippo2 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013
David doesn't want to let Martha within Svetlana's power. I added the missing word.
magicshoppe Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013
leave would be better than let. "I didn't want to leave you within her power." "Let" doesn't really have the meaning you are looking for. The closest it comes is "allow". Perhaps you were looking for "left" as in "to be left behind". "I didn't want you left within her power." But "leave" sounds more natural in English.
hippo2 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013
Thanks a lot. As you know, I'm not a native speaker. And my normal proof-reader hasn't replied for weeks. So I'm happy if a native speaker can give me some hints.
Genie-Girl Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013
Story is looking really good so far cant wait to see what is next in the story :)
hachimitsu-ink Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013
I love her genie smoke effect :)

although i keep forgetting martha has a green skin
hippo2 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013
If she feels like a genie, she puts on her green skin.
If she feels like a human, she keeps her original skin.
The skin is kind of an indicator about how she sees herself.
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