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Family matters - Part 1 by hippo2 Family matters - Part 1 by hippo2

With a blink, Martha arrived in a toilet in the arrival area of the airport at Sao Paolo. She had changed her appearance back to her human skin and human clothes. Next to her stood a trolley. Martha looked inside the mirror and checked her appearance. Of course, Martha could have blinked herself to her parents house and appear as a the genie she was, but she had decided to break the news to her parents slowly. Eventually, she left the toilet and joined the other travelers.

Outside the sliding doors, many people were waiting for the travelers. Among them Martha saw her younger sister Catharina and her father. Catharina recognized her sister at once. She rushed forward and embraced Martha. "Where have you been so long, sis?"


"Catharina, let me breath. I'll tell you everything." Martha looked to her father. "Where's mama? And Luca?"


"They are at our home, preparing all to welcome you back." Domenico dos Santos replied. "Let me carry your luggage."


Martha passed her trolley. "I'm glad to be home again."



Two hours later, Mr. dos Santos' car pulled into the garden of a nice house in the suburbs. It was more than three years since Martha had been here. The front door opened and Martha's mother came out. Behind her stood Martha's brother Luca. The car had hardly stopped, when Martha already jumped out of the car, rushed over and embraced her mother. "Mama, I'm finally home!"


"Welcome home Martha. Where have you been so long?" her Mother asked.


"In Switzerland. I... worked there at a hotel." Martha replied.


"You worked???" her mother asked with a suspicious tone.


"Let's get inside first and have the welcome diner. Martha will tell us everything there." he father interfered.


"Yes, I will." Martha was more determined to tell her family the truth. Enough of hiding.



After a delightful dinner, Martha's family looked at their "lost daughter" with anticipation for her story. Martha looked at her family. She took a deep breath and began her tale:
"The last three years where a great experience for me. I came to Switzerland, where I found work in a hotel. I worked at the reception and I made many new friends: David, the heir to the hotel. Amelia Maus, a coworker and Sami." She took another deep breath. "Now you surely want to know why I didn't contact you for more than two years."

Her parents nodded. Her mother even frowned a bit.

"To understand my decision, I should start with the reason why I didn't contact you. Do you remember my ex-friend Marco?"

"I'm glad you dumped him. He was no good." her mother commented Matha's story.


"That's right. He was a very abusive person. He bought an old oil lamp and placed it in his living room, just before I came to visit him. When I rubbed the lamp, it transformed me into this:" Before her parents could call her nuts, Martha blinked and her appearance changed into her normal genie form. "I'm a genie now, or jinn as we are also called."


Her family was speechless. Catharina was the first to speak again. "A genie? Like in "Jeannie é um Gênio? That is so cool. Can you grant wishes, Martha?"


That moment, her mother pulled Catharina away. "Nossa Senhora, a jinn? Aren't these some kind of demons?" Her mother even made the sign of the cross.


Martha felt insulted. "Listen mama, I'm no demon. It's true that I'm no longer human. And it's true that I have magic powers. But we genie's aren't devils or demons either."


"Carmen, you should put more trust in our daughter. I'm sure Martha will always use her powers responsibly." Domenico dos Santos interfered.


"That's true." Luca supported his sister. "When I met Martha in Switzerland, my treacherous secretary used the powers of another genie to steal my body. But Martha undid her evil magic and even punished Frida."


Martha's mother thought for a moment. "I guess, I wasn't fair to you. I can imagine it is difficult to handle these powers. Please, promise me one thing, Martha: Don't use your powers in a selfish or vain way. Never!"


Martha felt bad. If she would want to stay honest, she couldn't make this promise, since she had already abused her power. But then her mother would surely hate her. She simply had to use another genie trick to get out of this situation. "I promise, that will never abuse my powers." Martha and her mother shook hand. "And now, I will tell you about my life in Switzerland."


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EmperorNortonII Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Looks like a great story so far!
Nayzor Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014
Nice beginning! I'll remember when we do the djinhas to have Martha's mother and sister sleeping with them too
ben569 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014
Not bad, keep it up :)!
Jorrun Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014
very good :)
DanStanding Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014
Oh, very intriguing!
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