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Ending 8: Mouse, Geniedom, Tree, Girl by hippo2 Ending 8: Mouse, Geniedom, Tree, Girl by hippo2
"Do you know, what you will wish for, Martha?" David asked.

"I have an idea, but I have to ask Sami first." Martha said. "Sami, I'd like to have both of us freed from our lamps. Could a powerful, free genie break the magic that bounds me to my lamp?"

"As powerful as me?" Sami asked. He looked close at Martha's lamp, examining the magic. "Remember when I told that you have to transform other humans into genies to become human again?"

"Yeah, but don't want to become human, I want to be a free genie."

"How many humans have turned into genies so far? Three? Four? Anyway, these transformations have already weakened the spell around your lamp. I'm pretty sure I could free you, if I was a free genie." Sami replied.

"That's enough for me." Martha said. "I wish that Sami was a free genie again."

Instantly, Sami's bracelets turned to dust. He reached for the ceiling. "Free! I'm finally free! After 4000 years! Thank you, Martha!"

Martha reached her arms with the bracelets towards Sami. "Now it's your turn."

"Of course." Sami blinked. It was difficult and Sami had to use all his powers. But finally Martha's bracelets began to vibrate and eventually they turned to dust as well.

Martha leaped forward and embraced Sami. "Thank. I'm free too. Thank you very much."

Observing the scene, David's mouth popped open. "How could you use your wish to free Sami. He's evil he will destroy the lives of many humans. And now, you are a free, evil genie like him..."

Martha smiled devilishly. "Yes David? What were you saying about evil genies like us?"

David suddenly realized, that Martha and Sami could now use their magic as it pleased them. Maybe he shouldn't make them angry now. "Nevermind, Martha. I gave you that wish and you did what you think was right. I'll accept that."

"Good!" Martha smiled. She turned to Sami. "What shall we do now that we are free?"

"I was thinking to travel to world and see if we find other genies. Maybe some settlements have survived?" Sami proposed.

"That's a good idea. Maybe we meet some humans that deserve to become genies as well?"

"Yeah, maybe we'll find some." Sami replied. "And if humans get greedy, they will see what they will get from us."

"Hahah, that's why I like you so much!" Martha gave Sami a kiss.

Now David had enough. He felt grossed out by Martha's new behavior. This wasn't the young woman he had nearly fallen in love with. Martha was now another evil, inhuman genie, like Sami. It was time to get the genies out of the hotel. "Sami, Martha, I wish you the best for your quest. It's surely a long way to... eh... Arabia? Maybe you should start your journey soon?"

"Are you trying to throw us out of your hotel? How dare you, you worm!" Sami boomed.

Now Martha intervened. "Stop Sami. Don't forget that without David's wish, we would both still be stuck as genie slaves. If he wants us to go, we will follow his will."
Then she turned to David: "David, thank you for what you did. You might not agree with the ways of us genies, but I haven't forgotten what you did for me. Thus, I won't let Sami do you any harm. And I wish you good luck with your hotel."

David nodded. "Good luck for both of you." he said briefly.

"Is there anything wish I can grant for you before I go?" Martha asked. David shook his head.

Then Martha turned to Amelia. "Thank you for everything too. Are you alright? Is there anything I can do for you before I go with Sami?"

Amelia hesitated for a moment. She was about to ask Martha to make Frida her natural daughter. But after she heard, how Martha talked about transforming humans just for fun, Amelia simply shook her head. This wasn't the Martha she called a friend anymore. Maybe would even twist her wish and turn her, Babette and Frida into actual mice? "No thanks, Martha. I'm ok."

"Alright. If everything is settled. Sami, shall we go?" Martha said.

"With pleasure." Sami replied. The two genies left their friends forever.


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Agent505 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Professional Writer
Not sure what ending I like the best...
But I guess it all depends on which could be considered a happy one.  Oh well.
joeydesmuke Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013

How could Amelia think about the evilness that Martha portrayed about the earrings if Sami never gave them to her in this ending?


hippo2 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
You are right. I fixed it.
EmperorNortonII Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
At least they have each other now.
hippo2 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
Still, it's bad news for all humans who cross their path.
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