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Ending 6: Mouse, Humanity, Tree, Earrings by hippo2 Ending 6: Mouse, Humanity, Tree, Earrings by hippo2
"What will you wish for?" David ask Martha. "Will you turn back into a human?"

Martha felt very annoyed. She gnarled her teeth. "David, that's only for me to decide. Why are you always trying to control me?"

"I just thought, it's better than being an enslaved, evil ge..."

"That's it! I'm finished with you." Martha yelled at him. "You think us genies are evil? I don't intend to be evil. I think I can use my powers for the benefit of all. But one thing is sure: I'm a genie now and I will never become a human again."

At these words, Sami's eyes began to gleam. "Do you know where you will stay know? If you like, you can stay with me for now."

Martha caressed Sami's cheek. "That's very sweet of you. I think I'll accept your offer for now..."

Sami took a pair of earrings from his pocket. He passed them to Martha.

"Ah, you kept my earrings. Thank you Sami." Martha said. She weighed the rings in her hands. Slowly she began to frown. "Say, Sami, where did you get them from?"

Sami tried to avoid a clear answer. "The earrings?"

"Yes the earrings. I sense that you created them magically. Let's have a closer look." Martha examined the magic signature further. Now her face turned angry. "Sami, did you turn a young girl into these earrings?"

Sami felt caught red-handed. "Yes I did. But it was her own fault. she was greedy and wished for a pair of earrings and I granted that wish."

"How old was she?" Martha asked.

"I don't know. Maybe 15 human years?"

Martha tossed the earrings back at Sami. "It's one thing to twist the wish of a greedy grown up. But she was still a child. They often make irrational wishes."

"Do you want me to turn her back?" Sami asked.

"If you just want to turn her back so I will come back to you, forget it Sami. I want you to think about what you did." Martha relied. "If you come to the conclusion that you did wrong on turning her into a pair of earrings, you can come back to me."

Sami was speechless for a moment. "Ok, that's it then." He turned away from Martha and returned to his lamp.

Martha glanced briefly at him. Then she turned to David. "Now for my wish." Martha blinked and her bracelets turned to dust. But her skin remained green.

"I guess you wished to be a free genie?" David asked.

"That's right. But don't worry, I'll use my powers for good only." Martha replied.

"How will you do that?"

"There are enough robbers and other hoodlum out there. I think I can use my powers to hunt them down." Martha replied.

"Like a comic book super hero?" David asked.

"Why not?" Martha asked. "But I'd need a secret lair. And a second identity."

"Let me help you. You can stay in the hotel. And if you like, you can still work for me." David proposed, what Martha happily accepted.

A few hours later, Martha accompanied Amelia to a meeting with Babette and Frida. Amelia was happy to hear that Martha was a free genie and had asked Martha for a favor. Now, the four girls were sitting in the school yard, discussing Amelia's wish.

"Are you sure you want that?" Martha asked Frida.

"It's the only way Amelia and Babette can adopt me. It's not my fault they have such laws here." Frida said.

"You know I will turn you into a mousegirl?"

"I know. But you said I'll get a chance for a new life here. And giving me a new appearance perfectly fits that." Frida replied.

"All right then." Martha nodded to Amelia. "Make your wish."

Amelia nodded. "I wish that you make Frida my natural daughter and you make her new appearance normal to all people who have seen her as a six year old."

"Why did you wish to change the memories as well? You know I'm not allowed to mess with the mind." Martha complained.

"Otherwise, Frida's fellow students and teacher might wonder about her new appearance, don't you think, Martha?" Amelia asked.

Martha shrugged her shoulders. Amelia was right: Otherwise, the teacher might ask inconvenient questions. Besides, since Martha was only granting a wish, her mistress was responsible for what she wished for. "You wish is granted. " Martha blinked. Immediatelly, Fridas face changed. Her ears and her nose grew until they looked like Amelia's also, Frida's incisors became more prominent. When the magic was done, Frida looked a lot like Amelia. She would now easily pass of as Amelia's daugther. "I hope you hare happy with Frida's new appearance?"

"New appearance?" asked Babette.
"I just wished for you to make her my natural daughter. You didn't change her appearance at all." Amelia said.

Inside, Martha chuckled. If Amelia forced her to mess with the minds of humans, she might as well include Amelia, Babette and Frida to that spell. "Of course. I simply made Frida our natural daughter. I didn't change her form at all. I hope you are content?"

Frida rushed to her new mother and embraced her and Babette. "Yes we are the three said in unison."


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