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Ending 4: Goddess, Geniedom, Tree by hippo2 Ending 4: Goddess, Geniedom, Tree by hippo2
"I think I know what I want now!" Martha said and blinked. Instantly, her bracelets turned to dust but her skin remained green.

"I guess you are a free genie now?" David asked in a disappointed tone.

"That's right." Martha confirmed. "You seem disappointed?"

"What did you expect?" David replied. "You rather be a genie than a human again?"

"Arrrgh! You're so arrogant, David!" Martha replied. "Now I'm convinced that my decision was right!"

"What does that mean?" David asked.

"I'm finished with you and I'm finished with humanity." Martha yelled at him. "I'm a genie now and I will never become human again."

At these words, Sami's eyes began to gleam. "Does that mean you'll stay with me?"

"Maybe..." Martha said. "I have to ask you something before. And you should answer me truly: Is it possible to magically protect the mind of a transformed human, so their mind won't change over time?"

Sami felt like he was caught red-handed. "How... how do you know about that."

Martha's head sunk in disappointment. "So you knew about this... Well, a few days ago, I met Frida. She was once a grown up woman but more than half a year ago, she was rejuvenated into a six year old school girl. Strangely, her mind hasn't adopted to her new body at all. She assumed, that the genie, who transformed her, had added a protection to her mind.
And with your reaction, you've confirmed me. Just one question, Sami: Why didn't you tell me this was possible?"

Sami turned a bit red and looked to the ground. Then he stammered: "I... I wanted you to see huma..."

"Please speak up!" Martha commanded with a stern voice.

"I wanted you to see humans like I do. Don't you see I want what is best for you?" Sami tried to embrace Martha.

Now, Martha had enough: "How dare you to decide that for me?" She slapped Sami in the face.
"You are very much like David. Both of you think you know what's best for me. But that's for me to decide. I'm done with both of you, David and Sami." Martha turned away from the two men. By chance, she was now facing Amelia.

"What are you gonna do now?" Amelia asks.

"I think I'll travel the world and look for old genie settlements. Sami told me that genies lived in communities once. Maybe such a community is left somewhere."

"Good luck with your search." Amelia smiled. "May I ask for a last favor?"

"What is it?"

"It's David. Can you talk to him about me? Maybe you can convince him to give our relation another chance?" Amelia begged.

Martha shook her head. "You've seen what a control freak he is. If David rejects you because you've been a mouse once, your relation won't last long anyway." Martha put her hand on Amelia's should. "Amelia, you are a very kind woman. If you want a relation, I'm sure you'll find a nice man quite easily. Ask David yourself if you think he's the right one. But I'd look for other men too, if I was you."

Amelia nodded. "Thank you for the advice. And good luck."

"Good luck for you too." With these words, Martha left her friends and began her quest to find a remaining genie settlement.


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EmperorNortonII Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I kinda feel for Sami.
hippo2 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
He tried to manipulate Martha. Not sure if he got what he deserved.
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