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Ending 3: Goddess, Humanity, Maid by hippo2 Ending 3: Goddess, Humanity, Maid by hippo2
"I think I know what I want now!" Martha said and blinked. Instantly, her bracelets turned to dust and her skin took its original, human color.

"What did you wish for?" Amelia asked.

"I wished to become human again." Martha explained.

David had a smile on his face, while Sami turned away in disaprovement.

"But why?" Amelia asked.

"Over the last weeks, I came to the conclusion, that I can't completely restore my victims, even if I want. And in many cases, my victims are happy the way they are now. Even worse, my magic often caused chaos and suffering. I don't want this anymore. So, I wished to be a free human again. No more genie powers for me." Martha explained.

"Ach..." Sami moaned. "Stupid humans..." He turned to smoke and returned to his lamp.

"Wow, Martha. I'm impressed!" David said.

Martha felt flattered. "Thank you David."

"How about we celebrate your transformation back into human? I know a nice place..." David proposed, but Martha cut him short:
"Stop David. This is not right!"

"What do you mean?" David asked.

"There's a woman who really loves you and I don't want to see her suffering from the uncertainty." Martha nodded towards Amelia, who had are really sad expression on her face. "I can't stand the tension between you either. David, I ask you to make your desicion now. Either dump Amelia now or accept her for what she is. One way or another, Amelia can go on afterwards. But not with the current uncertainty. So tell her David, what will it be?"

David turned towards Amelia. He took a deep breath. For nearly half a minute, he said nothing. Then he went down on his knees. "Amelia, I feel terribly sorry. Because of my hatred for genie magic, I treated you like an abomination and like what you really are: A wonderful, warmhearted woman, who was always loyal. When we went to that restaurant, I had this with me..." David produced a small case from his pocket and opened it. It contained a golden ring with a diamond. "I was about to ask you for your hand in marriage."

"I know." Amelia replied. "I was about to accept your offer. And because I wanted for our marriage to be based on honesty, I told you about my past."

"Which was the bravest thing you ever did. But I acted like a complete moron." David said. "If you will give me a second chance, I will ask you again now: Amelia Maus, will you marry me?"

"David, I have already forgiven you. So, yes, I will marry you." Amelia took Davids hand and pulled him up. Then, both kissed passionately. After about two minutes, they realized that Martha was still around.

"Thank you Martha for your help with David." Amelia said.

"Yeah, thank you very much!" David said too. "Say, what will you do know? Will you continue to work at the hotel?"

"Sorry to disappoint you there. But I thought to return to my family in Brazil." Martha said. "Don't worry, we will stay in contact and you can visit me in Brazil anytime."

"We'll surely come. And you can visit us as well. There'll be a wedding soon and you are invited." David replied putting his arm around his fiancée.

kaaslave Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013
All right, Martha's human again! :D
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