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Ending 1: Goddess, Humanity, Tree by hippo2 Ending 1: Goddess, Humanity, Tree by hippo2
"What are you going to wish for, Martha?" David asked.

"Actually, I think I'll save my wish for later." Martha replied.

"What? Why will you do that?" David asked.

"I want to settle some accounts first. And I need Amelia's help for it?" Martha explained.

Amelia gave Martha a questioning look. "How can I help you with that?"

"I want to travel the world and restore some of my victims. You'll have to make the required wishes, Amelia."

"How can you restore your victims? I thought their minds will adapt?" David asked.

"They will," explained Martha, "unless I add a magic protection that preserves the mind"

"Ok, I understand that." David chipped in. "But I guess you didn't add this protection to all of your victims. How will you save them now?" David asked.

Martha gave Amelia a nudge. Then Amelia explained. "I found out, that I can wish for Martha to change the past in such a way, that she had added this protection, when she transformed the victim. When I wish the victim back, they have kept their minds."

"But wouldn't they be angry, since they were trapped transformed for quite a long time?" David asked.

"True. But it's still better than having their mind lost to their new forms. I'll bear what they will bring up against me." Martha replied. "I guess their hatred is part of my punishment for what I did."

"And you really need Amelia for that?" David asked.

"Someone has to state the wishes." Martha explained. "And Amelia knows exactly how to state them."

David was astonished. "Wow, that's really brave and thoughtful of you, Martha. I wish you the best luck for our endeavor. But there's one thing I have to ask from you."

Martha gave David a questioning look. "What is it?"

"Please bring Amelia back the way she is." David said. "You know she's very special to me." At these words, Amelia began to smile. David turned to her and went down on his knees:
"Amelia, I feel terribly sorry. Because of my hatred for genie magic, I treated you like an abomination and not like what you really are: A wonderful, warmhearted woman, who was always loyal. When we went to that restaurant, I had this with me..." David produced a small case from his pocket and opened it. It contained a golden ring with a diamond. "I was about to ask you for your hand in marriage."

"I know." Amelia replied. "I was about to accept your offer. And because I wanted for our marriage to be based on honesty, I told you about my past."

"Which was the bravest thing you ever did. But I acted like a complete moron." David said. "If you will give me a second chance, I will ask you again now: Amelia Maus, will you marry me?"

"David, I have already forgiven you. So, yes, I will marry you." Amelia took Davids hand and pulled him up. Then, both kissed passionately.

The next morning, Martha waited in the hotel lobby for David and Amelia to arrive. With a 'Ding!', the elevator doors opened and David and Amelia entered the lobby, each one of them holding his arm around the other's waist.
Martha assumed they had spend the night together: "Good morning David, good morning Amelia. Are you ready to go on our voyage?"

Amelia looked into David's face with a sad look. "I have to go, my dear!"

David cuddled Amelia. "I know. Please take care." David gave Amelia a passionate kiss.

Amelia returned the caressing in a very tender way. "I will. Don't worry, I'll be back soon." She kissed David again.

"Are you ready?" Martha asked.

Amelia nodded.

"Let's go then!" Martha blinked and she and Amelia disappeared from the lobby.


Part 7A:…
Part 7B:…
P-z-p-Z Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
What a great ending.
hippo2 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
Thank you.
P-z-p-Z Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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