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Dreamy Holyday - Part 6B by hippo2 Dreamy Holyday - Part 6B by hippo2
Sami, Martha, David and Babette stepped through the portal and found themselves in Babette and Amelia's flat.

David placed Amelia on a chair. Amelia was still very sleepy. "Glad we made it! What place was that?" he asked.

Sami did the same with Martha, who was already recovering. "I think it was some kind of parallel universe. The goddesses were powerful enough to create one, maybe as a refuge when their own fellowship dwindled in our world, here?"

David nodded. "Glad we could save Amelia and Martha. But Babette... Alas for her! I guess she wasn't that content with her life in our world."

Meanwhile, Martha has completely woken up. "She was dissatisfied with some aspects, yes. She told me once that her job looked like a dead end to her. And I think she never found the partner she was looking for. That's why she changed partners so often. Maybe I'm wrong about that...
Anyway, I don't think that's the only reason. The place is a big temptation. The goddesses promised to make me a free genie if I stayed. As if they knew my fondest wish. I don't know what they promised Babette or Amelia."

"They promised me security." Amelia said. She was awake now, too. "A place where I could live as a mouse girl without fear of cats or without boyfriend troubles. It was very tempting, I have to admit that."

"But none of you fell for the temptation. Why?" Sami asked.

"I guess because we had strong anchors that tied us to this world. You two, David and Sami." Martha replied.

"Yes. The idea of being with you was stronger than all the temptations by the goddesses." Amelia replied.

"I guess Babette didn't have such an anchor and was lost to this strange world." Martha added.

"Mhhh..." Amelia thought for a moment. "If she's trapped in that world against her will, we have to rescue her, too. She's our friend, at least."

"I tried to wake her up." David said. "But she didn't want to come with us. Maybe we should respect her decision. Even if it hurts me to leave her behind."

"No!" Amelia took Sami's lamp. "We still have the power of a mighty genie at our hand. If somebody is able to bring Babette back to this world, it's you, Sami. Can you do this?"

Sami took a deep breath. "I can try, but I can't promise it. The goddesses who run this world are pretty mighty. If you wish for it, I will try, but don't be disappointed if it doesn't work."

"I do." Amelia said. "Sami, I wish for you to teleport Babette from the sleeping world to this flat."

"As you wish, mistress!" Sami said. He blinked and let his magic flow. Slowly, a magic vortex developed. Through the vortex, they saw Babette still lying on the beach where they had left her behind. Second by second, Babette seemed to phase out of the vortex and into the real world. Everything seemed to work fine, when suddenly, Sami felt a counteracting force. "Damnation! One of the goddesses found me. I'm nearly there."
Sami strengthened his efforts. For a moment, he seemed to succeed, but then his magic was caught in a stalemate with the goddess' power. Sami's face contorted in pain. "Help me!!!"

To Martha's horror, Sami's body first became transparent and then started to dissipate. In the split of a second, Martha made a decision. She leaped next to Sami and took his hand. Martha combined her power with Sami's. Immediately, she felt to power of the goddess opposing the combined power of the genies. But her sudden entrance into the fight had given Sami a big advantage. Martha threw all her power into the fight. Maybe it was enough. While her own body began to fade away too, Martha felt Babette finally slipped back into this world. Eventually, the power of the Goddess let go. The vortex collapsed. Being cut loose from the opposing power, Martha and Sami were catapulted across the room. Eventually, both genies recovered a bit.
"Sami, I feel horrible. What's happening to us?!?"

"That... That was close. Her power was nearly too strong for us. We hardly survived it." Sami explained.

Martha was hyperventilating. "Hardly survived? Do you mean we could have died?"

Sami gasped for air. He and Martha had difficulty remaining in their forms. "Of course. If we couldn't have overpowered the goddess, the drainage of our power could have killed us."

"Did we kill the goddess?" Martha asked in panic.

"No. She gave up before it was too late. Don't worry about it." Sami assured Martha.

Inside, Martha was still panicking. But, she had hardly the power to speak left. "But ... what's happening to us now? Why ... do I still ... feel like fading ... away?"

Also, Sami was feeling very weak now. "We need some rest now. Anything should be fine. Let's go to my lamp." He supported Martha as he did in the sleeping world. Both genies turned to smoke and retreated into Sami's lamp.

David was watching the scene with his mouth open. Meanwhile Amelia was taking care of Babette. She still had a jewel in her navel and it was impossible to remove it. At least, Babette recovered quickly.

The blond woman opened her eyes. "Where am I?"

"You're in our flat. Sami and Martha rescued you from that world." Amelia explained.

"What are you talking about?" Babette caressed her temples. "I feel like being woken from a wonderful dream. I don't understand."

"Don't worry, Babette. I'll explain everything to you." Amelia said. "But we should change into more appropriate clothes than bikinis."

Suddenly, Babette shivered from cold. Switzerland in March was definitely not as warm as the tropical island Babette was on only a few minutes ago. "Good idea!"

"I guess I'm a bit in the way now?" David asked, with a sour face.

Amelia walked over and embraced him. "David, I have to thank you for what you did. But now I have to take care of Babette. I hope you understand."

David was very disappointed. After going on a daring rescue mission and facing some ancient goddesses, he had expected another reaction from Amelia. "Fine," he said in a grouchy voice. "If that's more important to you now, I'll see you later. " He took Martha's and Sami's lamp and left the flat without looking back at Amelia.

"David, wait!" Amelia shouted. But it was too late. David had already left.


Codeword: Mouse

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Proofreading by :iconjorrun:

The story is set in the World of SSU by :iconnayzor: and :iconemperornortonii:
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EmperorNortonII Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Another nice ending to the story. :)
hippo2 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013
Glad you like that too.
Rod-Roger Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
Which onevis the truee ending?
hippo2 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
There is no true ending. All endings are equal posibilities. Just choose the path you think is best.
Rod-Roger Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
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