Dreamy Holyday - Part 6A
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Two days had passed since Martha and Amelia returned from the strange, sleeping world. For Amelia, it was especially difficult to cope with the loss of Babette. She had shared a flat with Babette, but now she felt terribly lonely. So, Amelia invited Martha for dinner.
When the door bell rang, Amelia opened the door. Outside stood Martha, with bags from a supermarket."Hello Martha, please come in. How are you doing?"

Martha stepped into the flat. Amelia offered her a seat in the living room and Martha sat down. "I'm ok. First, I was afraid to lose my job because I went away without notifying M. Sprüngli. But David took care of it. I guess since the hotel is short a receptionist, it would cause even more trouble to fire me now. Hey, maybe you can work at the hotel again as a receptionist?"

Amelia stared at Martha in disbelief. "How can you think such a thing! Taking advantage of the loss of Babette!"

"I'm sorry, Amelia. I didn't want to sound disrespectful. You miss her a lot?"

"Don't you miss her, too?" asked Amelia.

"Of course I miss her. At least she's not dead."

Amelia put a smile on. "Yes, your right. Do you think we can visit her from time to time?"

"Technically, it's no problem to teleport us there. But, you want to go back to that world? If it wasn't for Sami and David, we two would have been lost in that world, too. Speaking of, I have to thank Sami for what he did."

"You should. I already thanked David. Yesterday, I invited him over for dinner. We had a wonderful evening and he left only this morning." Amelia said, with dreamy look in her eyes.

"So you two are back together again?" Martha asked.

"You can say that. It wasn't his fault that he nearly killed me last summer. I already forgave him that. And now we're together again. How about you and Sami?" Amelia asked.

"We're not technically together. You know he's not fond about living in the human world. I'm still a bit reluctant about committing to him."

"Don't be so harsh with him. When you really need him, you can rely on Sami. And he's not that sneaky anymore: When we were tracking down the cat burglar, he twisted David's wish and turned him into a woman. I had to sacrifice my wish to turn David back. But when I was turned into a mouse, he turned me back with no strings attached. Well, no serious strings - he didn't give me any clothes." Amelia started to snicker at this thought.

Martha started to laugh too. "Yeah. Sami has a wicked humor sometimes. That's one thing I like about it."

"And this time he did just what was necessary. You have to admit that Sami's making progress." Amelia finished her thoughts.

"You're right." Martha said. "And don't worry. Sami had invited me over to his lamp tomorrow. I've accepted that offer. Who knows what will happen?"

"Wanna eat something?" Amelia asked.

Martha nodded. "Sure. Let's go and prepare dinner." Both women went to the kitchen to cook their dinner - as they had planned for the evening.

Later that night, Martha was sleeping her lamp. In her dream, Babette appeared to Martha.

"Hello Martha!" Babette said. She was now wearing a biking made of golden scales, similar to the outfit the goddess Ishtar was wearing. "You must be terribly worried about my well-being. But don't worry, I'm doing fine. I'm now an inhabitant of this world and I'm happy. It's really a wondrous place here. And I entered the service of Ishtar as one of her priestesses. If you like, you can visit me whenever you want. Ishtar promised me that you can always leave again. So don't worry about me, my friend. I'm happy now." Babette disappeared from her dream.

Martha woke up. The dream seemed so real. But it must have been only her sub-consciousness dealing with the emotional stress of losing Babette. Suddenly, her smart phone rang. It was Amelia calling.

"Martha, you won't believe what just happened." Amelia spoke very hastily. "Babette just appeared in my dream. She told me that we don't have to worry about her and she is now a priestess of this Ishtar goddess. Oh, and she invited me to visit her. She told me that I can always leave again if I want to. It was such a realistic dream, Martha. As if Babette was really speaking to me."

Martha was wide awake. "I had just the same dream, Amelia. Babette appeared to me, too and she told me exactly the same things."

Amelia sounded a bit confused: "Do you think that it was really a message from..."

"I think so. This whole world kind of rotated around sleeping and dreaming. And if she is really a priestess of Ishtar now, she might have the power to contact us in our dreams." Martha assumed.

"That's good, Martha. I'm relieved, knowing that Babette is doing fine."

"Me too. I think I can sleep better, now. Have a good night, Amelia." Martha said to her friend.

"Yes. Have a good night too!" Amelia said and hung up.


Codeword: Goddess

Part 1: hippo2.deviantart.com/art/Drea…
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Proofreading by :iconjorrun:

The story is set in the World of SSU by :iconnayzor: and :iconemperornortonii:

Babette's Story

Next part of Babette's story: Request: A Swiss Holiday 1/2
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EmperorNortonII|Professional Traditional Artist
Nice work. :)
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Well, this is a sad separation. Kind of like missing something that should have been there.
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Well, if you don't like this path, you can always choose 6B.
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No, it is sad but I like the story better. It has more meaning if someone is gone from this world.
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:iconemperornortonii: is working on a comic showing how Babette's live in the SSU will turn out. I hope he will finish it soon.
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Well you know my pick. This is nice.
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P-z-p-Z|Hobbyist Writer
Nice, so where do we write goddess?
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You need a file of a sheet of paper, where you write down your code word. In a later story, the story line will split again but there, your code word will decide for you which way to choose.
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P-z-p-Z|Hobbyist Writer
Okay man.
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