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Deadly Sweetness - Part 2 by hippo2 Deadly Sweetness - Part 2 by hippo2
Later that day, Martha was back in her lamp. Eventually, the police had left the hotel without any clue about the whereabouts of Sami’s lamp. Also, the day at work was a very exhausting one. Now, the genie was just glad that she could finally relax, when suddenly, the walls of her lamp glowed and Martha was summoned. “Of course!” Martha though. She blinked and changed her skin colour to mint green and her hair to fiery red. Since she had changed to this colour for carnival, she had learned that humans easier believed her to be a genie, which made granting wishes a much smoother process. Now, she was summoned again to serve another master or mistress. When Martha materialized outside the lamp, she saw a mid-aged woman. The woman had blond locks and was still quite good-looking. Martha remembered the woman from earlier that day. Her name was Alexis Miller. She checked in with a male companion, but today she left without him. In fact, it was a rather nasty break-up. Martha got the impression that Alexis was just playing with her prey, and now, she had simply dropped the man. Of course, Martha was not very enthusiastic when she introduced herself to her new mistress: “I’m Martha, the genie of the lamp. You got three wishes.”

”Three wishes? Are there any limitations?” Alexis asked.

”I can’t kill, I can’t bring the dead back to life, you can’t wish for more wishes, and I’m not allowed to tamper with the free will of other people.” Martha explained her rules, a bit annoyed.

”So, if I would wish that a man would fall in love with me, you can’t make him love me?”

”Certainly not. That would mean tampering with his free will.”

”But you can make me, say, more attracted to me?”

Martha sighed. “If you wish for a more beautiful body, I can do that. Men might find your new body attractive, but you would still have to seduce them yourself.”

”That works for me. I know how to seduce men.” Alexis smiled. “Then hear my first wish: I wish that you give me back the sexy body I had when I was 22 without changing my mind or sending me through time.”

Martha sighed again. Another smart mistress! “Your wish is granted.” She blinked and Alexis lost about 20 of her years. Soon, she was a young and very sexy woman of about 20 years old. “Are you happy, Mistress?”

”Oh yes. Let’s put this body to a test.” Alexis headed for the reception. On her way, she passed a businessman leaving the hotel, whom she gave a seductive smile. The man’s eyes rested on Alexis’ derriere, as she strutted to the lobby. Her next prey was David behind the front desk. “Hello, handsome. I’d like to go into town. Can you recommend a place for this evening?”

David swallowed. Alexis was definitely a good-looking woman. When Alexis gave him her key, he recognized her. “Strange, I remember you looking a bit … different, Miss Miller.”

”Do you like what you see?”

That moment, David spotted Martha’s green body in the pathway to the lobby. Instantly, he understood. “I can recommend you the discotheque ‘Vertigo’. I just hope Martha didn’t make you under-aged. Otherwise, they won’t let you inside.” David had a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Alexis rested her chin on her folded hands. She looked David in the eyes. ”Don’t worry, I’m 22. Mhhh… would you like to go there with me?”

”Thank you for the kind offer. But the hotel staff is not allowed to fraternize with our guests. Besides, I want to spend the evening with my girlfriend. So, I have to decline your offer, Miss Miller.” David replied politely.

”I see!” Suddenly, Alexis sounded much more disappointed. “Have a nice day, then.” She turned and left the Hotel.

When Alexis was gone, Martha, who had meanwhile blinked herself back to her human skin colour and into her working attire, came over to the reception.

”Hello Martha!” David greeted her. “I guess that was your work, right?”

”Yeah. She wished to be young again. And she worded it so perfectly that I couldn’t find a loophole.” Martha explain.

David’s reaction was a rather surprising one. “I know, you genies enjoy botching our wishes.”

“NO! Not in this case. This woman means trouble. That’s why I came over here. I wanted to warn you.” Martha replied.

”Thank you for the warning, Martha. It’s obvious she wants to seduce me. But I’ll stay faithful to Amelia.” David tried to reassure her.

”David, she still has two wishes left. I’m afraid she will use them to get you. Please let me help you. I want to protect you from her. But you need to wish for it.” Martha pleaded.

David grew silent. Then he spoke. “No. I won’t give you a chance to screw up her life with my wish. She might be a seductress but that’s no reason to let you ruin her life.”

Martha looked at David in utter disbelieve. “You… you think I’m such a cruel person? I want to help you. But… but if you think of me that way, I’ll let you face her alone.” Full of anger, Martha turned around and stormed back to her lamp.


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Proofreading by :iconjorrun:
Based on an idea by :icondrangdmisc:
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Damn...David's a jerk. :(
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Poor Martha. That must really hurt.
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