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Blanche and the pole point- Page 1/2 by hippo2 Blanche and the pole point- Page 1/2 by hippo2
The mathematical problem in this comic is a pretty common one: When drawing the graph of function with a pole point, many pupils use their pocket calculator to calculate some points and collect them. Often, they just enter whole numbers and thus, the last values of function they get is on unit away from the pole point. And for the pole point, the get an ERROR of course. So the graph they draw is incomplete. That's what had happened to Blanche in that comic too. But luckily, there's someone to help her.

This comic is for :icongaucelm: He's a really cool artist and I consider him a friend. After he did some awesome fanart for my genie OC Martha, I decided to pay him back in kind. The Characters in this comic are his OCs Blanche and Dae-su.
Dea-su is a mascot for maths Gaucelm desinged some years ago. [link] Dea-su is also the Corean word for algebra.
And Blanche is a girl that appeared in some comics along with his mermaid OC Aude. [link]

Link to page 2: [link]
gaucelm Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Student General Artist
Wowwwwww!! I... don't know what to say!

It is so awesome that you drew a comic of my characters, and I didn't expect to be Dae-su and Blanche, characters I forgot a bit.
I remember when you drew a draft of a comic featuring Dae-su and Blanche... it is so nice you have used that idea for a full comic! A cool throwback.

It is very beautiful!
The coloring's great! You have used gentle tones and it fits the whole story.
You have drawn my characters so well! Blanche is very pretty and cute, and Dae-su is cool and impressive! You have made them look expressive (love Blanche sulking, surprised...), and that gives heart to it.

I didn't understand the maths very much ^^; although I liked the interaction between the two and Blanche's development.
Overall, this is awesome, I love it and I thank you greatly for it.
hippo2 Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
I'm glad you like it. I took the same colours you did in your design. Btw: Dae-su is astonishingly easy to draw, mostly because he's made of simple, geometrical shapes.

With this comic, I intended to give pupils a way to understand that mathematical problem. Pupils often make the same mistake as Blanche did. I already used this explanation in class for some pupils it worked.
gaucelm Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Student General Artist
That's a good way to do it!
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