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A lesson for life - Part 6 by hippo2 A lesson for life - Part 6 by hippo2
“I’m so disappointed of you, Catharina.” Domenico dos Santos scolded his daughter. “Not only are you lazy at school and let your grades go down the drain, you also tried to steal the tests from your sister.”


Catharina looked down ashamed. „Yes… But I…“


„But what?“ her mother asked.


„I… I don’t want to fail the math exam. I… I want to graduate this year.” Catharina cried.


“Cat, your tutor talked to me today. She says that you slacked all semester. You seldom did your homework. And you didn’t learn properly for the tests. In nearly every subject. Tell me sis, what did you do after school?” Martha asked.



„I… I… went shopping with Leocádia.“ Catharina meakly admitted.


“Leocádia? She just arrived to learn with Catharina for the test.“ Carmen said.


„Yeah, can you please let me go learning with Leocádia?” Catharina begged. “I really want to pass that exam.”


“And that’s why you stole the test from your sister?” her father continued to push.


“Yea… no!! I mean…“ Catharina stuttered. „I want to learn for the exam with Leocádia.“


„I think that’s exactly what Cat had in mind: She had planned to steal the test right from the start so she and Leocádia could prepare perfectly for the exam.” Martha deduced.


Domenico and Carmen looked at their daughter in silence. “Catharina, is that true?” Carmen asked.


Catharina started to sob. Then she nodded.


Silence fell over the room. You could hear a pin drop. Catharina was the first to speak again. “I’m so sorry. What will you do now?”


Both parents looked at each other and then to Martha. Martha smiled. “I think I know a solution.” Her parents returned her smile. But suddenly their gaze changed to shere terror. “What’s wrong?“ Martha asks.


„You… you are turning transparent.” her mother said.

Martha looked at her hand and arm, which were hardly visible anymore. “Oh dear! Someone is summoning me.” she managed to say before she vanished.



Martha, now wearing her genie attire and with green skin again, reappeared in her sister’s room. She was not very surprised, that Leocádia was holding her lamp.


“Miss dos Santos? Is that you? Are you a genie?” the schoolgirl asked.


Martha rolled her eyes. “Yes, I am genie.”


“Cool! Do I get a wish?” Leocádia quickly asked.


“Wait a second. I’m not a genie slave. I’m no longer forced to grant wishes.” Martha explained.


“But I soooo wish that I would always know the answers to the math lessons.”


When Martha heard this wish, she smiled wickedly. She already had enough with dealing with these school kids and here was her chance to settle things once and for all. “You know what? That is a great wish. I’ll grant it to you.” Martha snapped her fingers.


“Thank you very much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Leocádia said as her body and clothes began to change. Leocádia grew a few centimeters. Next, her teenage body took on a more adult shape while he face became more refined and mature. Finally, her clothes changed into a white blouse, a navy blue, mid-length suspender skirt and black heels.


Eventually, Martha handed over the test and answers for the next week. “Here we go. Go through the test carefully, as you will let your class take it next week.”


“What does that mean?” Leocádia asked.


“Quite simple. I decided to make you the new math teacher. All necessary knowledge should flow into your brain right now.” the genie said.


Leocádia rubbed her temples. “Owwww…. Stop it… It hurts… That’s a lot of information… “ Leocádia begged, but Martha showed no reaction. After some minutes of struggling, Leocádia’s face finally eased up. “I understand now. I’ll do my best to become a good teacher.”


Martha smiled. “Right you are. You should better go home and prepare your lessons. Trust me, it’s more work than you would expect.”


Leocádia nodded. “Yeah, I should go now.”


Martha escorted the new teacher to the door. “Goodbye, Leocádia!” she said loud and clear. Then Martha returned to the living room.



“Has Leocádia gone home?” Martha’s mother asked.


“Yes. I explained to her that it is a bad time right now. She understood and left.” Martha, now back in her casual clothes, said.


“Now that this is settled, what shall we do about you, Catharina?” Domenico asked.


“I admit that I was a slacker and that I didn’t work properly over the last years. But I will change that now. Please, please give me another chance. I’ll even repeat the last year.” Catharina begged.


“Another chance?” Martha raised her eyebrow. “I can give you that chance. That is, if mama and papa allow it.”


Carmen gave her genie daughter an anxious look. “You won’t hurt your sister, will you?”


“Cat is my sister. I could never do anything nasty to her. She will get a second chance.” Martha snapped and Catharina lost about 3 years of age. “Here we go. You are 15 again and now, you will repeat the last 3 years of high school. I gave you a second chance and you better use it this time.”


As the new reality sank into Catharina, she replied. “I will learn for real now, Sis.”


“Maybe you need a private tutor to help you to understand math. And I know just the right person.” Martha smiled.


“Who is it?” Catharina asked.


“Francisco Silva of course.” Martha laughed.


“You are impossible, sis!” Catharina cried.



A few days later, Martha bid farewell to her family. “It was nice to see all of you again. I’d be so happy, if you could visit me in Switzerland one day.”


“We’d love too, but wouldn’t that be very expensive?” her mother worried.


“Mama, I’m a genie. I can teleport all of you there and as I work in the hotel, I can get special conditions for rooms.” Martha explained.


“Then we’ll gladly accept your invitation.” Martha’s father said.


“And you will learn properly this time, Cat!” Martha said to her sister.


“I will. Hope to see you soon!” Catharina replied.


“Bye bye!” Martha blinked and disappeared.


Special thanks to :iconmanymasksmanyfaces: for doing the proofreading.

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AliciaDrawsBecause Featured By Owner May 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Losing 3 years sounds bad, but in this world, there have been way worse cases XD 
hippo2 Featured By Owner May 23, 2018
Yeah. And she actually gained 3 more years.
AliciaDrawsBecause Featured By Owner May 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaha, you're right! 
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