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A lesson for life - Part 2 by hippo2 A lesson for life - Part 2 by hippo2

Seeing their classmates’ mouths seal off certainly did the trick. All students started to work diligently on the problems, but it was obvious, that they were very confused by what just happened.


“What just happened to Thalita and Eneida?“ whispered Leocádia.


“It’s my sister. She’s a jinn. Better don’t anger her!” Catharina whispered back.


“A jinn?” Leocádia said louder.


Martha heard this. “Leocádia! What’s the matter? Please don’t talk to Catharina and do your work, ok?”


“Is it true that you are a jinn?” Leocádia asked.


Martha was annoyed. She had gone through this kind of conversation dozens of time. “Yes I am. But I’m not like Jeanie or the blue Genie from Aladdin.”


“But I still get me three wishes?” Leocádia said.


“Listen, Girl. I’m no longer forced to grant any wishes. And trust me, even if I’d grant you a wish, you wouldn’t like to see the result.” Martha explained. She moved her fingers and a magic fizzle appeared.


Catharina saw that too and intervened: “Leocádia, I wouldn’t anger my sister. She could turn you into anything.”


Leocádia gulped. “Yes, Miss dos Santos” she answered intimidated and returned to her math problems. But it didn’t take long until Leocádia’s mind wandered back to the jinn, that her new math teacher potentially was. She took her Galaxy S7 from her backpack. With the smartphone hid under her desk, Leocádia started browsing the internet for information about the jinn. The young student was so immersed into her research, that she didn’t see Martha walking up behind her.


“Leocádia, please give me your cell phone.” Martha reached for the mobile phone, but Leocádia turned and moved the device out of Martha’s reach.


“Please give me your phone.” Martha repeated.


Leocádia shook her head. “I won’t do that, you evil jinn.”


Martha got angrier by the second. She reached for the Galaxy S7 again and this time, she grabbed it. Leocádia held fast to the smartphone, which enraged Martha. “If you won’t give it to me, I’ll make sure you are not distracted by it.” She let her magic flow and smoke and sparks erupted from the smartphone, as it short-circuited.


“What the hell!?! What did you to do my phone?!” Leocádia yelled at Martha. “You truly are an evil jinn. You’ll pay for that!”


Now Martha lost her temper: “If I’m an evil jinn, do you think it is wise to threaten me like that? Maybe you should rather keep your foul mouth shut too.” She gestured towards the two ‘silenced’ girls working diligently looking up at the clock wanting the class to end.


Leocádia fell silent. She certainly saw Martha’s point here. But inside, she was boiling with anger. She would have her revenge. Alas, for now, there was nothing she could do about it.


Special thanks to :iconmanymasksmanyfaces: for doing the proofreading.

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Jorrun Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017
wow, these are REALLY dumb kids!!
hippo2 Featured By Owner May 2, 2017
It is rather realistic how they'd act if you let it pass. Martha's reaction is extreme but generally correct. She has to react to such behaviour.
kaaslave Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017
Man, I hope all that damage Martha's doing is only until the bell rings...
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