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A lesson for life - Part 1 by hippo2 A lesson for life - Part 1 by hippo2

It was Monday morning and Martha brought her sister Catharina to her high school. Catharina was in an especially good mood. “That was awesome, Martha, when you turned that old geezer Mr. Silva into school boy. That takes care of one nasty math teacher.”

“You will still have math lessons, you know that, Catharina?”

“Yeah, but whoever will be my new math teacher can’t be as bad as old Silva. And if he is, you will take care of him too, isn’t that right sis?” Catharina said triumphantly.

“I wouldn’t count on that, Catharina. I can’t go around and transform all teachers just because you don’t like them.” Martha explained.

“Aww, come on. And if I wish for it?”  Catharina begged.

“First, I’m no longer a genie slave. So I’m no longer forced to grant any wishes. And second, you don’t want to give me wishes like a proper mistress. I’m way too experienced in twisting them, sis!” Martha replied. “Here we are! Have fun at school. You better don’t give your new math teacher a hard time.”

“I can’t promise that. See you, sis!” Catharina said and skipped into the school building.

15 Minutes later, Catharina was sitting in the class room next to her best friend Leocádia. “Did you hear the news, Catharina? Old Mr. Silva has quit. We’ll get a new math teacher.”

“Yeah, I already heard it. And it’s not a rumor. I know it! We’ll see our new math teacher soon.” Catharina replied.

That moment, the door opened and the new math teacher entered. She was a rather young woman in her early twenties wearing a green suit and skirt. The new teacher took a pen and wrote her Name to the whiteboard. Then she greeted the class. “Good morning everyone. My Name is Martha dos Santos and I’ll be your new math teacher for the remaining three weeks of the semester.”

“Dos Santos?” Leocádia whispered to Catharina. “Is that…”

Catharina felt as if she would sink into the ground. “Yes, she’s my sister. Why? WHY????”

With Martha, a young student had also entered the classroom. Catharina immediately recognized him as the rejuvenated Mr. Silva.
“This is Francisco. He’ll attend to our class until the end of the term.” Martha introduced him. “Francisco, please take seat. Ah… there’s a free table next to Catharina dos Santos.”

While Francisco Silva walked over to the free table, much to Catharina’s dismay, Martha tried to get the class’ attention with a roll call. She went down the first names on the list when she called up a girl’s name: “Thalita? Are you there? Thalita Caetano?” Nobody answered. “Is Thalita Caetano not here?” Martha was about to make a mark in the class book, when she realized that two girls were talking to each other. “Girls, can you please pay attention? I’m doing a roll call here. What are your names?”

“My Name? I’m Thalita!” Said one girl.
“I’m Eneida.” said the other.

“Thalita? Can you please answer when I called your name?” Martha said a bit annoyed.

“You called my name? You must speak more clearly, Miss.” Thalita replied.

“Yes, I did.” Martha replied seemingly pissed. “Please pay attention now. And you friend here should too, or else…”

“Yeah, whatever!” Thalita replied.

Martha was close to losing her temper. Still, she managed to hold it in and continued her roll call. This didn’t of course stop Tahlita and Eneida from chatting. When Martha had finished her roll call, she addressed the two girls again: “Thalita, Eneida, can you please be quiet? Now?” Martha said. But the two girls didn’t care. Now Martha’s patience broke. She stomped her foot. Suddenly, the class got quiet. Only Thalita and Eneida kept chattering but when they realized all eyes were on them, they fell silent too.

“Thank you.” Martha said. “And since you two don’t seem to care, I’ll make you shut up for the rest of the lesson.” Martha snapped and the girls mouths sealed shut. Where their mouths were just moments ago, there was only skin of their faces. Martha had made their mouths simply vanish.

“Mhhhhh….. Mphhhhhhhhhhhh!” the two girls tried to speak but to no avail. Their mouth had simply vanished. Like most of the students, Francisco Silva watched the scene in horror. Catharina on the other hand simply buried her face in her hands. Both of them knew, what Martha was capable of and now it seems she would unleash her powers the class. 

For the first time since she entered the class, Martha felt like she was really in charge. “Now that I have all your attention, please all open your workbooks on page 36 and start working on the problems 4 to 10! This will be important for the final math test next week.”


Special thanks to :iconmanymasksmanyfaces: for doing the proofreading.

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DanStanding Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017
Yay, more Martha!
HappyBottledGenie Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017
I love evil Martha. I would love to have her twist a wish of mine.
hippo2 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2017
What wish would that be?
HappyBottledGenie Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2017
I would wish for all the power of a genie...and see how she twists it.
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