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A dreamy tour on river Rhine 2/2 by hippo2 A dreamy tour on river Rhine 2/2 by hippo2
The group then came across an uncomplete Church in the city of Bacharach where many dwarves, golems and djindel snored away.

'I'm sure you ladies notice that the Wernerchapel of Bacharach is unfinished. It has been that way for generations. It's not that the dwarves are not hardworkers it is just that their golems friends had visited some sleep sand golem friends and inadvertantly came back with sleep sand that put them and the djindel as well to sleep" Gretchen explained.

The cruise continued down the Rhine until they passed another castle on an island in the middle of the river. It was heavily guarded by Ritterfräulein and German Amazons. “Outside of the Royal Palace in Berlin, no other castle is as protected as the Pfalzgrafenstein or Pfalz as we Germans call it. The Pfalz is a place where the toll from ships is collected."

“Yes I can certainly see that” Wei-lin said looking at all the ritterfraulein, djindel and Germanic amazon women and girls snoring loudly and intently “The Imperial Palace back home has many amazons, genies and cavalry centaurs guard it as well.

As the ship came closer to the Pfalz, some Amazons woke up and set out on the river in little boats. With a huge jump, the Amazon came on board. "Meine Damen, bitte zahlen sie den Zoll." the Amazons asked.

The tourists looked at each other, a bit worried, since they didn't understand what the Amazons were saying.

"Don't worry." Gretchen said. "They want to collect the toll. I'll handle this." Gretchen passed a bag of coins to the Amazons, which smiled in return. "Ich wünsche noch eine schöne Reise!" the Amazons said and returned to their boat.

“And now ladies we conclude our tour” Capt. Gretchen said as she docked the Goethe. “And I can answer your inquiries as to why all the females both on the shore and in the ship are asleep.

Looking at the group of sleeping rhinemaids, Emma asked “Is it because of the rhinemaids? They are snoring loudly and I can tell they fell asleep first”

“You are close Emma” Capt. Gretchen said as she pointed to the Loreley rock.

“You see we are at the aptly named Loreley. Named after…”

The ladies then saw a group of Lorelei, German cousins of sirens, singing a melodic lullaby in their sleep. “The Loreleis, these silver-tounged, golden-haired beauties, have the most beautiful singing voices in all of Germany. When they sleep they snore a most lovely lullaby that puts females of all races to sleep with them. But then again…

Gretchen noticed the ladies are all asleep as well. “I don’t have to tell you that, do I?".

Gretchen then yawned “Ach well the ship is safely and securely docked. Everyone else is asleep. I might as well too.”

With that Gretchen laid down among the ladies snoring away loudly. The many residents of the Rhine slept, snoring loudly with none louder than the Lorelei.

Story by :iconnayzor:

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EmperorNortonII Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I love how you did this! :D
Nayzor Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014
Thanks again Thom! It was also grareat for a preview for sandstone golems, germanium dragons and lorelei!
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February 26, 2014
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