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A dreamy tour on river Rhine 1/2 by hippo2 A dreamy tour on river Rhine 1/2 by hippo2
Another story from the Sleeping Story Universe

On a beautiful sunny day, the wheel-driven steamboat called the "Goethe" was acting as a tour ship for tourists from all over the world. Near the stern five on the ladies were talking together. They were Elena from Greece, Rafaela from Brazil, Sherry from Australia, Wei-lin from China and Emma from England. All of the ladies wore bikinis that matched their nations flags with Wei-lin and Rafaela being pregnant as well.

“Today is just perfect for a river cruise isn’t it” Elena exclaimed

“It certainly is” Emma agreed “We English have an affinity for the Rhine and love to visit it."

“I love it too.” Sherry added in while looking away and seeing the other women and girls who took the tour with them “Makes me wonder why those other Sheilas are all snoring away.

Wei-lin after seeing some of the crew asleep too yawned and said “Perhaps I shall rest my pregnant belly a bit too”

Soon a booming voice interrupted them “Ach! I do hope you ladies wait with your resting!” It was Gretchen, the beautiful blonde tourguide of the ship.

Rafaela greeted Gretchen “Oh hello Miss, we noticed the other tourists and crew were all asleep. I wonder why that is?”

“Well I am happy to answer your questions after we finish our tour of the Rhine. Why don’t we make it just the six of us? It will be more intimate this way.” Gretchen asked. She was met with murmurs of approval.

Gretchen then began her tour. “Ah wunderbar! Let us begin by taking a look over there in the town of Oestrich-Winkel. Oestrich-Winkel is renowned for it’s wine and vineyards.”

The ladies then looked and saw a dutch winetrader haggling with a Maenad about price of some wine Barrels. Near them a Viniferan and a Barrel Golem lay asleep on whine barrels, while the dutch crewomen were sleeping abord their boat.

“It seems the haggling about the price took a bit longer. The Barrel Golem and the Viniferan seemed to take a nap. The barrels surely contain white wine, for which the region is famous."

“I’m more of a red wine fan meself” Sherry said

The Goethe then went by another monument high in the vineyards.

“This ladies is the Niederwalddenkmal, the monument of Germania our national personification. It is set in a lovely bucolic paradise. As you can see, Germania is fast asleep too.” Gretchen said continuing her tour.

“How lovely! It reminds me of my trip to the Black Forest last spring” Emma said.

“Me too” Elena said. “Seeing all those forest dwellers snoring away is a reminder to me too."

As the Goethe went by the statue of Germania, the ladies saw many fallow centaurs, wolpertingers and dwarves happily sawing logs among the trees.

The Goether then travelled by the Mouse Tower

“This ladies is the Mouse Tower near Bingen, a favorite spot among tourists.” Gretchen explained.

“I wonder why they call it the Mouse Tower?” Rafaela asked. Her question was soon answered by the squeaking snores of mousegirls and weremice who slept all around and in the Tower.

Gretchen then showed the ladies the next landmark.

“Now ladies coming up we’ll be seeing two of the many castles in the Rhine Valey. Firstly we’ll be seeing Castle Reichenstein.”

“Look at that” Elena replied to the Germanium dragon snoring away on top of the castle. "I’ve seen Americium dragons do the same thing near the White House. Too bad there’s no fireworks from their snores."

Story by :iconnayzor:

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EmperorNortonII Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
This is great! :D
Lordoftheding Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
Nice, it's cool when you know the locations. :)

Rheintour ist was feines. <3
hippo2 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
Ganz genau! So kann ich auch etwas Werbung für unsere schöne Heimat machen.
Lordoftheding Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
Find ich gut. Deutschland eignet sich eigentlich echt gut für mystische Szenerien angesichts seiner Sagenwelt. :)
hippo2 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
Ich schätze, ich werde in Zukunft mehr Comics machen, die an realen Orten spielen. Ich habe ja schon mal einen Comic gemacht, der in Paris spielt.…
Lordoftheding Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
Jo, hab ich bereits gesehen, schöne Sache. Freu mich darauf. :)
Nayzor Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014
This is a great story!
hippo2 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014
You wrote it.
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