hi everyone Hi! 

here's a quick reminder how things work
Bullet; Orange  I am busy (sorry Sad dummy) and therefore I won't be accepting works submitted to the wrong folders (there're so many of them, moving them all would take ages) - if your work wasn't accepted check if it was submitted to the right folder (I've only once or twice declined a work for anything else so that's probably yours wasn't accepted) - the the folders are clearly divided so that should be easy (also if they seem very unclear we can talk about fixing it Nod ), if still in doubt - send me a private message ;) (Wink)  , of course you can submit everything again, to the right folder
Bullet; Yellow I try to check dA about twice a week but dA tends to idk why expire works even after few hours (the set time is 2 weeks, if you know why it happens please tell me) and I try to manually add them all when I see it but sometimes I may accidentally omit some - don't hesitate to submit again a work that hasn't been accepted but please don't submit the same work after less than a week because as I said, I'm not here every day
Bullet; Pink  If you want to help me managing the group - send me a private message :)

take care guys and have a grat week :D
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