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...You said it, Xander!

*ahem* This took a ridiculously large number of stages. First there was pencil sketching, then digital line, then color, then texture upon texture, filter, filter, another filter, more digital painting... *sigh*

References used for various body parts (Willow's nose, Xander's mouth, the vampire's pose, and Spike's mouth-watering steamy rock-hard abs.)

Textures used as a basis for the dirt, the hill, the trees, the sky, and the vampire's groovy pants.

Everything else painted in Photoshop.
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Why is Spike topless? Simples, my dear Willow: Fanservice. Poor ol' Angel gets it regularly too. Just be grateful that Joss never tried to play up to the lesbian set or you would... Oh, yeah there was the Vampire Evil Self episode, wasn't there. Well, forget I said anything then.