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Book Cover: Barbarian to Barbie part three by Hipper-Reed Book Cover: Barbarian to Barbie part three by Hipper-Reed
Part 3 of my book series is now available. You can see it here:…

The strange story of how a Barbarian Hero became a Lady of class and character continues in this third installment.

Our hero awakes to the pleasant plucking of a harp, unseen. He finds himself (or rather, herself) unable to move or act freely, bound as she is under the mental control of the parasitic Ear-worms, creatures that latch onto the brain and force their host to be docile towards their mistress. Our hero's worms were tuned and programmed by Sepia, Arch Magus of the University of Magelock.
Will our heroine escape before she winds up becoming another doll-like maid in the mansion of a powerful witch? Will she ever break free from the worms? What's Sepia's goal in all of this anyway?

Find out in the third part of Barbarian to Barbie!

(Note that this is an erotic tale featuring gender bending, mind control, profanity and adult content. It is not meant for readers younger than 18 years old.)

Still no comic, I know. Been going through some changes at my job. Still trying to stay on top of stories at least. Hopefully will have a comic ready eventually, but for now a story is better than nothing, right?

Anyway, hope you enjoy :)

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