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The Soulflayer

Now is when Blizzard updates the model in BfA xD
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Do you think he will be present at BFA? Because, as far as I know, have to kill it but it comes back every time ... I wonder if Rezan can also ...
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I miss him so much for some reason i don't know why i didn't even play the game at the time just watched my big brother play it and still for some reason this guy was really interesting to me
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Man makes me want a new model for hakkar so bad I hope he is portrayed sooo well in bfa
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Looks awesome!
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Awesome. Hakkar has one of my favorite models in game.
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Fantastic choice!! Hakkar is my favorite villain.

His model, for Vanilla, is actually pretty grounded in their current artstyle, and you have recaptured him PERFECTLY~!

Always anticipating your pieces, Hipno. :)
every time you put up a picture i ask myself the same question:

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So Majestic... The upgrade of the model is unbeleviable.
I am so hoping we get his help against G'huun.
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I was hopping for a model update by blizz but this one looks great , have you update it or are my eyes playing with me xD
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Yes, he added new textures
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