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The Might of Kalimdor

I changed Saurfang's armor to his old colors from the Warrior Tier 1, it looks more neutral, and who knew that Setesh' model  only needed a new coat of paint to resemble and updated anubisath :o

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I’m starting to believe the assault on Ahn’Qiraj took place two years before the war campaign in Northrend.

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They really underplayed just how catastrophic the opening of the Scarab Wall was in WoW. TBF, that was back in Classic where cutscenes were once in a million and most lore was left up to NPC interaction. Too bad there isn't much left for the Slithids since Sargeras had his way with their front yard.
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I really hope we see a repeat of this at the end of BFA.
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Saurfang cleaves again!
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Wish we could see some hd obsidian destroyers too in this scene , I was inspired to make them today it would be a nice surprise :D
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Damn this looks nice with all the HD models. But what is that Blood Elf doing there?
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It's an high elf. The eyes are blue :)
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I think he is actually an High Elf, he has blue eyes.
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Yep, he is a High Elf, there was one class left and no more races from classic xDD
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This Is So Epic I Almost Pissed Myself.
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Not so long ago, when we could put aside our differences and fight off evil...
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Such a bad ass character, Saurfang is.
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Alternate name for this picture : "Nothing good has ever come out of Silithus ... except this".
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