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The King Under The Mountain

A little re-texturing of Magni with his weapons from Heroes of the Storm.
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Is it possible to get texture?  I want to ask my partner to make Helmet/Shoulder out of them for russian warcraft rp server
And texture for Mangi(
The second war is on this server)
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I understood that reference! 
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Happy birthday hipno
Hogal's avatar
That's great Heart 
djs-specs's avatar
Ooooh!  Have you thought about doing the same for other faction leaders that feature in both games?
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It's so amazing ! How do you get the weapons from HoTS ?:o (Eek) 
hipnosworld's avatar
The same way I got Magni's model from wow, taking a shovel and digging! and using CASCExplorer xD
ZultariArt's avatar
So...I need to go deeper ! x)
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Um, Magni isn't in Heroes of the Storm, his brother Muradin is. Awesome art btw^^

EDIT: ah, just looked up, Muradin has a skin that changes him into Magni, or something... nvm then, please disregard earlier comment ^^;
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He looks awesome. Great job!
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Stunning as usual. Clap 
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