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Lady Lith'Va

I saw this post on Reddit the other day, by Routan, and oh my god I felt inspired.

It's a lightforged Shivarra! I wanted to see more members of the army of the light outside of the Draenei race, back in the Argus patch, but sadly we only got Lothraxion. Routan's concept is cool AF, with the light arms and all that, I couldn't control myself !_! so I made this quick edit

You can see her concept on the Reddit post, and to give her all the credit she deserves, here it is her Artstation

and Twitter

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This is why I hate Blizzard for throwing Argus at us purely as a patch and not its own expansion. We could have had more Lightforged demons other then Lothraxion (whose design, in my opinion, looks horrible). 
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Really great idea and execution.
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Awesome concept
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Nice, i like that idea.
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:O holy shit, I, I NEED THIS!!!!
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Always wondered what uncorrupted demons look like. Since night elves turn to satyrs their looks could be incredibly different.
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I admit, I loved the idea of Lightforged Demons.
This just makes the need even mightier.
That looks so awesome! I've been really wanting more redeemed/Lightforged Demons of late. Even if just as NPCs...
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I hope Blizzard will pick-up on that!

Further more, it seems completely plausible for a splinter group of the Burning Legion to accept that the 'crusade' of the Light was greater than Sargeras', since they got their collective asses handed to them on their home turf, and then to try to reach the Army of Light to be purified.

Though, can the Army of Light still perform the purification ritual after the destruction of X'era? Is X'era even really destroyed?
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Hopefully she's not gone for good, but given how a few edgelord fans went overboard hating on Xe'ra regarding her treatment of Illidan, I don't think Blizz will bring her back.
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Maybe all Naarus can perform the purification like X'era, though. But maybe she's just to most zealous of the Naarus, and others like A'dal won't force it upon us.

But I'm sure we're not done with X'era : there's AU-Draenor where Y'rel seems to have gone crazy, forcing people to join the Light.

If it's still canon, the threat of the Burning Legion was tied to the Multiverse, which means that by destroying it in our universe, we stopped it in the Alternate Universe too.
Plus, during WoD, we prevented the destruction of the world and pretty much gave them the tools to defend themselves against the Legion for a while.
But the Army of the Light we know should be tied to our universe only, so there might be an AU Army of the Light with its own X'era (but it would be unlikely for them to have an alternate Turalyon / Alleria in their ranks), and that Army may have gone to Draenor after the Legion fell.
Maybe AU X'era is on Draenor, maybe she purified Y'rel and turned her into a zealot. Blizzard is totally foreshadowing Y'rel's army coming to our universe to force-convert us.
That would make for an interesting quest-line (like, maybe not a full expansion, but a zone).
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This is cool. I wonder what a light/void troll would look like? Would they look like a troll version of a void elf/lightforged draenai?
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I also wanted to see more demons turned to the light, maybe we will see some if they ever make an expansion where we fight against Naaru and their legion of light, btw awesome art as always.
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Honestly love this. You did an absolutely amazing job.
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Simply amazing. As always. You have just opened the doors for speculation about other possible lightforged demons. Doomguards would be wonderful. And the graphic effect of their arms is so well made... I feel under the ground level. However,  I missed your art.
I fucking love this!
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I never knew I needed this in my life til now lol
This is an amazing concept, and I love this art :heart:
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