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Breaking the Seal

It has been a long time since my last image, but yesterday I just had to do it! I just had to! I finally used the Cho'gall model that I edited a long time ago, hope you guys like it!
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The God of Ahn'Qiraj needs another round in the ring, imo.
These are beings known to be hard to keep down, let alone DESTROY their physical body.
All we really did was push him back into his prison, but there were no remaining loyal constructs in the Temple or the grounds.
Wouldn't be surprised if his inevitable re-rise happened soon.
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I really love this. Also I'm glad we have you back! ^^
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I still wonder why they made a horrible Cho'gal model for WoD instead of using the Cho'gal's Disciple model which is exactly like his appearance prior to him being corrupted by C'thun. Your model however is on point! Well done again.
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Cho'gall, lord the Shadowhemmer.
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Twilight's Hammer*.
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Awesome! The shadow-arcane glyphs are splendid.
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Would've been cool if there were cosmic chains like this in AQ40 around C'Thun.  :o
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Really love that Ogre model and this was really well made man...

C'Thun and the other Old Gods will rise again!
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Nice! always a joy to look at your images.
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Amazing stuff as always ! Nice Cho'gall :happybounce: 
The Gods of old will rise again and Azeroth will .... Break.
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