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Awake The Thunder

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Was King Rastakhan actually there when Lei Shen was resurrected?

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Oh wait. The headdress is the wrong shape. That’s actually Zul.

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I still don't understand what Zul intended with the Thunder King's resurrection anyway. I know that this was meant to be practice for some other resurrection he was planning for in BfA, but I don't remember which one.
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So great great to see this moment portrayed so well.
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my god..this is STUNNING!
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That was one amazing patch even thought at the time i didn't raid it still was a good patch plus the sweet lore you did good Hipnos my man
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This is so perfect ! You really inspire me to create art ! I really hope one day i'll have your level !:happybounce: 
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:O holy shit, that Zul model is EPIC!!
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I like it mon! Your scenic arrangement is fantastic.
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People give Throne of Thunder a lot of guff, but patch 5.2 had some major hints towards future storylines, alongside one of the better-told stories in MoP. What you've managed to put forth is in no small terms brilliant, from the ritual to resurrect Lei-Shen itself, to Prophet Khar'zul and his updated duds.
It's no small wonder he'd be shielding his eyes when that much lightning gets thrown around!
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Woow, nice one! Isle of Thunder still is one on my favorite places to run around :-)
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Zandalari awesomeness.
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