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Kamala Khan v Trump

After Kirby. No affiliation with Marvel or Ms Marvel creative staff.
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I know that this image was from 2015, but I'm still happy to see it because admiring this work of art is a great way to celebrate the fact that Trump lost the 2020 election.

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beautiful work :)

i think part of the problem is that people have spent the past few decades defaulting to the Nazi comparison for everything, so then by the time a genuinely Nazi-like leader like Trump (swear to god i'm not kidding, there were literal holocaust survivors warning us of the similarities during the election) comes along, it's completely lost all meaning
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But still, when people keep throwing around the term "fascist" it loses meaning even when an actual fascist shows up.

So, in other words, it's very much like The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
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I'm a conservative, and even though I am a conservative, I still oppose Trump. For a lot of reasons.
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I would not say that Trump's "Nazi-like", more like he has his own brand of fascism. Which is just as bad as any other form of fascism, obviously.
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As much is I hate anti-Trump stuff like this. This is actually very well made. Well drawn, and a decent homage to the Captain America Comics #1 cover. So good job, I guess.
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So she is a marvel comic villain?
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This is it. This is the most beautiful image that will ever bless my eyes.
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What about captn Lars
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Great job dude. Hated Trump because he was annoying, and now hated him more for being a bigot

Thumbs up for you!
This is so fantastic - and such a timely reference!
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Thanks, you got it!
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You're welcome!
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*stands and applauds* :D
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Okay, this is seriously all kinds of awesome. It makes me want to pick up some Ms Marvel comics.
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