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Wire One

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You can see how skin looks in this video review:

Also in this video review,you will see how to change settings,how to change language,how to translate,how to find your "Location Code",etc..

How to open settings menu:
You can open the settings by double clicking on the Clock or Weather skin.

Weather icons are animated.
To open left slider,just move your mouse to left side on your screen,and menu will pop up.

These languages have been added for now: 


sephirotess for: >>> French language!  Nod 
Thanks zamletti for: >>> Slovenian language! Nod 
Thanks chriturba for: >>> Italian language! Nod 
Thanks SnoLeep for: >>> Danish language! Nod 
I really must  thanks poweredbyostx for making nice video tutorials about my rainmeter skins! Nod…

First wallpaper:  Link
Second wallpaper:  Link
Third wallpaper:  Link

For weather icons i really don't remember..I know i downloaded them somewhere here on deviantart,but that was a long time ago..Probably before 6 or 7 years ago..If you are the owner,please send me notes, so i can give you credit. ;) (Wink) 
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aditi18New Deviant

i want like wire one

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11072001New Deviant

I customized your designs a bit by combining 2-3 together and adding my own wallpaper it looks fab. Thanks a lot !

Great work btw

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11072001New Deviant
WhatsApp Image 2020-05-31 at 21.27.58
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11072001New Deviant

still working on it ...

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It looks good mate.. You are on the right way. :nod:

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11072001New Deviant
WhatsApp Image 2020-05-31 at 21.48.15
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11072001New Deviant

Done !

i am gonna try making different ones for my friend now... something light

i am surprised it turned out so good in the first time

where did you learn it tho ?

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Thanks mate! ;)
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Hello !

Help me, "Wire One" skin

don't update any more weather, maybe

help me with a new link for update.

Thank you!

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Hello.. I can't help you, because of this:
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Thanks brother! You're the man.
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Thanks! I appreciate that! Nod  
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You are the best.

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Thanks for all your work!  I seem to like every one of them.  Currently, I am using Wire One, but I am sure i will change to another skin of yours soon.  Appreciate all your efforts and for posting them.  Thanks!
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First of all, thanks very much! ;) (Wink) Nod  After this skin, i made 105 more skins.. That means there is a diverse choice. ;) 
You're welcome and thanks once again! ;)
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I need your assistance in how do i get this theme. There is no download link here. Your urgent assistance is highly needed. Thanaks
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You have download button with green arrow in the top right side.
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Hey man. I translated the whole thing, but the PM and AM should be removed as it isn't used in Denmark. Tell me if I missed something. I made a space between the P and the = in programs so it didn't make the =P emoji.


Conditions="Thunderstorms":"Tordenvejr","Windy Rain":"Vind og Regn","T-Storms":"T-Storme","Rain Snow":"Rain Snow","Sleet":"Slud","Snow/Rain Icy Mix":"Sne/Regn Kold Mix","Freezing Drizzle":"Iskold Støvregn","Drizzle":"Støvregn","Freezing Rain":"Iskold Regn","T-Showers":"T-Regn","Showers":"Mindre Byger","Light Rain":"Let Regn","Heavy Rain":"Kraftig Regn","Snow Flurries":"Let Snefald","Light Snow":"Let Sne","Snowflakes":"Snefnug","Heavy Snow":"Kraftigt Snefald","Hail":"Hagl","Dust":"Støv","Fog":"Tåge","Haze":"Dis","Smoke":"Røg","Windy":"Blæsevejr","Frigid":"Koldt","Partly Cloudy":"Overskyet","Cloudy":"Overskyet","Mostly Cloudy":"Overskyet","Clear":"Klart","Sunny":"Solrigt","Fair":"Godt Vejr","Mostly Clear":"Mest Klar","Mostly Sunny":"Mest Solrigt","Hot":"Meget Varmt","Isolated Thunder":"Isoleret Torden","Scatterd T-Storms":"Spredt Torden","Scattered Rain":"Spredt Regn","Scattered Snow":"Spredt Sne","Windy/Snowy":"Blæsevejr/Sne","Scattered Showers":"Spredte Byger","Snowy":"Snevejr","and":"og","Shower":"Byge","Mostly":"Mest","Scattered":"Spredt","Rain":"Regn","Snow":"Sne","Wind":"Wind","Early":"Tidligt","Late":"Sent","PM":"PM","AM":"AM","Sun":"Sol","Cloud":"Sky","Light":"Lyst","Snow Shower":"Sne Byge","Widespread":"Bredt Spredt","Few":"Få","Isolated":"Isoleret","Mist":"Tåge","Thunder":"Torden","with":"med","In the Vicinity":"I Nærheden","Clouds":"Skyer","Clearing":"Opklarer"

Weather Forecast=Vejrudsigt


Currently Is=I Øjeblikket

Inthernet Links=Internet Links


Programs= Programmer

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First of all, thanks for your time and translation! Nod  About "AM" and "PM", i suppose you mean on weather forecast? It's not a problem, "AM" and "PM" is removed from weather forecast. And about "emoji", that's not a problem. Deviantart will display "emoji", but when this text is part of the "translation", the rainmeter will not display the text as "emoji". ;)
Ok, skin is updated, and Danish language is included. :D (Big Grin) 
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There seems to be something gone wrong with the skin though.

7a635665622ff101e09936baa535e392 by SnoLeep  
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I don't see any problem with the skin:

Capture by HipHopium

As you can see, the text is displayed properly in both languages, English and Danish. But, because text for "weather forecast" and "for" is displayed with "#", that's means that translation for these 2 words is missing. I don't know if you changed something in translation, but you need to reinstall skin. Download and instal this skin again.
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