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I want to thank the PoweredByOstx for this nice video review,about my skin:…

How to open settings menu:
You can open the settings by double clicking on the any skin.

To change skin size,go with the Mouse over the skin,then move the Mouse Wheel "UP" (to increase skin size), or "DOWN" (to decrease skin size), and the skin will be "bigger" or "smaller".And when you change the size,don't change it fast!Change it slowly!

Supported languages: 
Well, this time i added a new option for translating. Default language is English of course. But, you can directly translate to your language in settings. That's mean that almost all languages in the world are supported.
And also, you don't need to send me translations. ;)

Thanks Justin Maller  for this nice abstract wallpaperNod 
Thanks  jsmorley for the color picker RainRGB4 ! Nod 

These meters are added:

-Hdd [C]
-Hdd [D]
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KaranShresthaNew Deviant


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TsukiLongtimeNew Deviant

Can someone please send me the backround they used

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synnarioNew Deviant

I'm having trouble getting the visualizer to work and that's what I liked the most. I tried Spotify and it's not showing a visualizer. What are the supported programs for the visualizer?

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id like to rotate the audio visualizer and have stretch from the top to bottom of my monitor vertically is that possible if so how....?

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Hey, i have a strange bug with weather:

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shiba12011New Deviant

No it's not bug, just this program didn't doing update so we can't use that

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yaqdooonNew Deviant

I'll try it

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irongod23New Deviant

wallpaper plz

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BPoltergeistStudent Photographer

Great skin, thanks :love:

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It's perfect, have way to turn the bar music more sensitive?

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My weather widget is not working for some reasong though i gave my local weather code. Can anybody help me with this?

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Link your wallpaper

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Did it work? bcs on my pc it won't work

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Very nice! I love it!

I was wondering if you could add a GPU usage meter

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Estimado zudzug, es posible actualizar el gadget de clima, ya que dark no deja nuevas entradas y se desactualizara a partir del 1 de julio de 2020.

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zudzugHobbyist Photographer

Here here, this is the updated version. I'll handle coding request in the future if required. I wouldn't ask of HipHopium to maintain code he didn't write. The visual content is the same and this is his work.

Enmon March 9 2020
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khasnhpNew Deviant

why i don't have weather? can you help me?

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Hey, I have problems with installing the new weather darksky add-on. It says that it is unable to move to the desired folder. Any help?

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the weather doesn't work, API shutdown as i understand, will there be a fix?
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nice work here ty !

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Hi! how can i turn off the (Feels like...) thing?

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For those of you outside US, if the weather skin doesn't work, follow these steps:

1. Right Click on the weather widget and select edit skin

2. In the file that opens, find this line : "RegExp=(?siU).*"summary":"(.*)","icon":".*","nearestStormDistance"........"

3. Replace the line with text in step 4

4. RegExp=(?siU).*"summary":"(.*)","icon":".*",.*"temperature":(.*),"apparentTemperature":(.*),.*"daily".*"summary".*"data".*"time":(.*),"summary":"(.*)","icon":"(.*)",.*"temperatureMin":(.*),.*"temperatureMax":(.*),.*"time":(.*),"summary":"(.*)","icon":"(.*)","sunriseTime".*"temperatureMin":(.*),"temperatureMinTime":.*,"temperatureMax":(.*),"temperatureMaxTime".*"time":(.*),"summary":"(.*)","icon":"(.*)","sunriseTime".*"temperatureMin":(.*),"temperatureMinTime":.*,"temperatureMax":(.*),"temperatureMaxTime".*"time":(.*),"summary":"(.*)","icon":"(.*)","sunriseTime".*"temperatureMin":(.*),"temperatureMinTime":.*,"temperatureMax":(.*),"temperatureMaxTime".*"time":(.*),"summary":"(.*)","icon":"(.*)","sunriseTime".*"temperatureMin":(.*),"temperatureMinTime":.*,"temperatureMax":(.*),"temperatureMaxTime".*"time":(.*),"summary":"(.*)","icon":"(.*)","sunriseTime".*"temperatureMin":(.*),"temperatureMinTime":.*,"temperatureMax":(.*),"temperatureMaxTime".*"time":(.*),"summary":"(.*)","icon":"(.*)","sunriseTime".*"temperatureMin":(.*),"temperatureMinTime":.*,"temperatureMax":(.*),"temperatureMaxTime".*"time":(.*),"summary":"(.*)","icon":"(.*)","sunriseTime".*"temperatureMin":(.*),"temperatureMinTime":.*,"temperatureMax":(.*),"temperatureMaxTime".*"offset":.*

5. Set the values of other variables

6. Save and refresh skin

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