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Represent: elegant,modern and simple skins for Rainmeter.If you are one of the lovers of that kind of the skins, this is the right place for you. :nod:

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Hello ApexXx-SenSei, I have a question about the licenses on some of your suites if you have a moment. Several of your more popular ones, like Mond and Ageo, have a No Derivative Works license listed and I was curious as to why some have licenses like this while others don't have anything listed. Over the past while, I've seen a few "modified" (read updated) versions for some of your older suites (as well as a few duplications of your newer ones that you did not release) shared by others and I just wanted to be sure where you stood on the matter in order to be sure your work is respected. Thank you and I hope you're enjoying yourself today, whatever you're doing :)

Hello Novadestin.. I think, that Connect-X is answered already on your question instead me.I mean, "mostly". :) Most of my skins are based on KWGT widgets. Not all off course, but mostly.80 % of skins, that you can see as you said ""modified" (read updated) versions for some of your older suites (as well as a few duplications of your newer ones that you did not release)", are my skins. Or, new skins made by them, but with my help.I was give them, codes and other elements, such are png's, weather icons and other components. Off course, many of them are asked me for permission, to make or modify skins. And, that's fine. I really don't have any problem with that. But, you will always find some smart guy on the internet, who says that he is the owner. And, because of that, i was stopped to post download links for the new skins. I post only screenshots.So, they can't to download my skin, and share them like they are owners of that skins.If they want to be owners of the skins, in that case, they will take a time to make skins.They need to loose time as i do.Without my help.

Novadestin i'm probably late to answer this question, but ApexXx-SenSei has moved on from rainmeter because of IRL issues, getting a response from him will be very rare. So long as people credit him it's fine if they do improvements of his works. another thing you should understand is that, most of his works are based on kwgt, and it falls on the users who replicate to ensure the do there due diligence to ask for permission from the respective owners.

Hey mate, I made a Spanish translation to the mond skin but it doesnt work, I dont know if you could help me.


Gachuu I don't know whether you know this or not but ApexXx sensei is done with rainmeter because of responsibilites in his real life, he isn't done completly but him posting may be very rare . That being said he may not be able to help you. if you need help the best thing to do is go to the rainmeter discord, you can go to the rainmeter subreddit on reddit and look around for the discord link. someone else is working on a mond skin known as mondtholmew on github which has working date and weather. thanks for your understanding

I made a portuguese translation to the Mond Skin of Rainmeter, you can talk with me to show to you the code? And how I can show to me the translation, because needs show Sexta Feira but show Friday. How I can fix this?

I made a russian translation for your Mond Rainmeter Skin. Can I contact You please?