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i didnt know she was part dinosaur

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Looks way more evil then Nightmare Moon... yet 'eternal day' ... it just doesn't float 
xxHarmoniousChaosxx's avatar
You don't live in the desert, do you.... lol Eternal day = hell (literally)
Lex-the-Pikachu's avatar
i actually don't think Daybreaker would even care about eternal day, i think with her unbridled power, she would want to destroy, or gain more.
PsychoYellowDragon's avatar
I agree with you. Daybreaker is a psychotic pyromaniac. It would make sense that if Celestia turn into Daybreaker it would be to turn Equestria into a land of fire and devastation.
xXPineappleArtsXx's avatar
Daybreaker is my fav!
GoreyBloodyTeethArts's avatar
The Nightmare verison of the sun pony!
TheCartoonWizard's avatar
Me: Whoa! your dangerous
Daybreaker: Thank You
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Gotta say, the lighting and shading on this piece is fantastic. I also love the little details, such as the bright embers in her mane, the speckles in her eyes and the way you use shadow and light to create textures. Your piece definitely emphasizes that had she become a real force in Equestria, she'd definitely be one to reckon with. Excellent job!
CPConception1986's avatar
I think Daybreaker is much more scarier than Nightmare Moon.
UncleSunday's avatar
Oh mai dat expression :o
Malajahr's avatar
I really like this cartoony style you have going with your portraits!
julian0123's avatar
Awesome picture :D
Assistant-pony's avatar
Well, after such beautiful portraits I'll be looking forward to the wait is finally over! Good luck to you!!!
botanicus-fireside's avatar
So beautiful, so terrifying.  I like it.
zenitraMsj's avatar
Does your princess bite?
templar127's avatar
>8'/..... stop playin, Twiley. Turn er back....
AmrasFelagund's avatar
Such a gorgeous bust of Daybreaker...!
cajobif's avatar

Wonderful work
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