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Alternate designs pack - sphinxified!

Remember my last designs?
Alternate designs pack by hioshiru-alter Alternate designs: Luna and Tia by hioshiru-alter
I decided to make new ones :D Meet the sphinx version!
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Zozup's avatar

very pretty and cool!

Aurora-dreamer's avatar

I...I wanna pet them all

Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
Not only are they all gorgeous and cute but Cadance blowing some gum is HYSTERICAL!!
Kyoshyu's avatar
Hah, they all look great like this. :)
JourneyThePanda's avatar
I saw this on Tumblr, it looks AMAZING!!!
LMKyouki's avatar
love this concepts really good made 
LuxiTheSnake's avatar
Those are Adorable
byDaliaPamela's avatar

My fucking god! This is gorgeous! Are you planning on doing a new alternate design based on a theme like this one? For example... draconicus form?

hioshiru-alter's avatar
Martinuslunaris's avatar
What about the rest of the Mane 6 as sphinx'? ^^
Moonkelpie's avatar
After seeing this on the Front Page, I had to log back on!:excited: Their sphinx redesigns are gorgeous!:heart:
DanyBCZ's avatar
Wow. They look amazing. 
Silver-Zabrak's avatar
I love these! Each one is beautiful and very well designed. 
nightmare-kidette's avatar
Beautiful, smooth work. The colours are absolutely gorgeous!
Orin331's avatar
I am in envy of your floof making prowess.
IkaJul's avatar
too much fur. i cant imagine what summer is like for these fellas
matmax426's avatar
Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love 
Farelle's avatar
those designs are beautiful! :D
Naduron0's avatar
wow so adorable and beautiful! :3
ruefion's avatar
my goodness those are adorable! i love their colors.
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