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Skektarus by hintofsilence Skektarus by hintofsilence
This is a concept for my own Skeksis character vis a vie The Dark Crystal, complete with his own unique backstory that doesn’t conflict with the film. I’m actually in the early stages of building this into a costume, that when complete, will stand about 7’ tall.
SkekLa Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018  Professional General Artist
You got a very cool concept here, Sean!

I get vibes of "hunter/forest dwelling skeksis" all over him. I do wonder what title dd you give Tarus and how does his backstory go. Skeksis fancharacters are awesome fun to create and develop! ^^

I hope you succeed at taking this into a suit: I ended up switching my own plans for a simmilar thing  into a lifesize figure when I noticed I had to tend for a booth at the event where the suit would be shown, hence I wouldn't be able to both work and perform with it XD --(it had been a canon skeksis tho, the Chamberlain) 
I currently just have him standing there at my living room XD. It was a blast to recreate him! :D  I still am giving a thought at the idea of trying to make a costume out of my own skeksis fancharacter - but only time and budget will tell if I can ^^ *I'm currently far too scarce on both!*

I hope you get to craft this suit, you can bet the results will be awesome!
hintofsilence Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
I’d love to see your figure you made, that sounds awesome. As for my project, I’ve already got some pretty solid schematics drawn up. It’ll be a backpack rig and the internal skeletal framework will be tent poles welded together. The goal is to keep it all around 25-30 pounds. One of my best friends is going to do the animatronics for the eyes and mouth, too.

As for his backstory, he’s actually a prairie/plains dweller. Like the Native American tribes of the midwest, he lives off the land to the extreme and doesn’t waste any resources. I’ve got more written down, I’ll track down where I stashed it and share it with you later.
SkekLa Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2018  Professional General Artist
It's here , at my gallery, I'll pass you up the links to  the best shots at it :
here's the head's closeup  once I finished sculpting and painting it:
READY SkekSil left by SkekLa
His first layer of clothes'  WIP:
Sil new shirt by SkekLa
and the finished sculpt/figure:
ChamberlainSkekSil lifesize sculpt- finished! by SkekLa
then, a small funny-photo test  adding up two small fizzgig dolls I made for fun 
Chamberlain and fizzgigs by SkekLa
It took me more than a year to complete this fellow, mostly since my budget eternally stinks, and I was unable to get all the necessary materials for his attire as soon as I intended! XD

Making an animatronic head for your suit and having the rigs and ideas for the framing designed out is amazing! ^^ I had initially wanted to make mine a foam latex copy (like a mask) based off the sculpt I did, and then have it work either with servos or trad. puppetry (with one of my hands operating his beak and eyes alternately, and the other becoming one functional hand for the suit. In the end I couldn't even afford the latex so it all got botched XD
Kudos for getting help from a friend on the project (that's indeed a great thing!) and having it all planned out carefully.
I'm sure it'll look really cool!

His backstory sounds cool, and does let me wondering a lot more about him (how did he come to exist? did he ever live in the castle? Did he disagree with the other skeksis' more conquering/destructive views? he sounds like a really interesting fellow. 
Thanks for sharing those ideas, I'll be happy to know more ^^
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