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Chonky polish dragon

I was late for SynapsidWeek but I will post some drawings in 2 last days of this week.
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Lisowicia is honestly such an intreguing animal, and you reconstructed it very nicely here! Appropriately hefty looking! I also like the coloration you chose with the countershading and those slightly brighter yellow accents on the head! This was a really big creature, but in contrast to the majority of modern mammals, basal synapsids probably still had color vision. One small suggestion regarding the snout/face though: If I recall correctly, Lisowicia did possess socalled "caniniform processes" rather than the classic "tusks" seen in many other dicynodonts. So Lisowicia and some of its closest relatives within the group (I think Placerias too!) had things in their faces that would have resembled "tusks" (sort of), but in these selected animals they expressed themselves in form of triangle-shaped protrusions from the maxillary bone, so right behind the actual beak, maybe even looking like a part/extension of it.

Also, do you know if these fossils (and the other findings from Lisowice) are currently on display at some museum (and if so, in which one)? Or stored in the collections and therefore inaccessable to regular visitors? Thank you! Again, great work, and have a nice day!

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Thanks for advices and at least reconstruction of skull of Lisowicia is display at Museum of Evolution of the Institute of Paleobiology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, but their should be also in Museum of Paleontology in Lisowice there you will find also natural predator of Lisowicia - Smok

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Thank you! Good to know, since Poland (and the region of Silesia specifically) is not that ridiculously far away from my country, maybe I'll manage to get there for a visit of the museum some day. :)

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As a native Pole, I strongly encourage you to visit our beautiful country.