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Seriously though, that monkey is a total badass.

UPDATE: Speaking of total badasses, :iconghostmajor: remixed this horizontal-style, making a nifty wallpaper-type image in the process. Rad!
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Oh he's got a point
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Well, Swiper also could saying these things if he would having a major role (without counting eihter the episode where Swiper gets tramped in a bottle or the Christmas special) which he don't swipes something.
Truth be told within the universe of the show itself the three of them that being Dora Boots and Swiper make all see what they doing that's kind of a game because when swiper gets told not to swipe 3 times immediately backs off which tells me that he never really means any harm in the long run. And his swiping as they call it seems more like playing then anything else. I see what you were going for and it is very clever just putting my thoughts into the mix.
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You did the right thing swiper.
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By the words of Michael Kelso....

[Pretends to cock gun]
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U tell them , Swiper
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That's right, Swipe. She's a little bitch. *bro hug*
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Dammit I can't see Dora anymore with thinking of Frisk from Undertale.
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Normally I don't like "Dora the Explorer" or art related to it, but this is an exception.
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This is an instant fave.

This should have been in the show. XD On the final episode....if there was.
K-I-K-Y-O's avatar
this is so funny and im glad that you posted this! xD <33333333
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Swiper speaks the truth. & wth is a kid doing running around alone with a monkey?
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Ooh this just got interesting, kind of emotional but interesting.
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lol found this on stumble :p
Swiper finally snaps!
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Omg that is funny. *sigh* if swiper can do that in the show
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yeah, but she isn't doing anything illegal like him
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animals dont have laws dummy. 
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In a world with talking animals there probably are 
FaridTheWolf's avatar
animals do talk but not in, your point being?
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