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powered repair bay



Acrylic on cell, with acrylic on card for background (A4)[link]

I officialy hate my scanner.

Powered Convoy's repair bay mode. To modernise things a little I based the Convoy robot on the deluxe classics Prime. I like how you can see the wheels on his sides ^^

So before transformers, it was Diaclone. And this is powered Convoy. I always liked the Ultra Magnus toy, and the Powered Convoy original tops it!

I got a WST Ultra Magnus in Diaclone colours a week ago, and I can't stop fiddling with it! I finally found some pics on the internet that reveal the original Japanese Diaclone figure has a 'base' mode and a repair bay mode not shown in any instructions for the Magnus toy. If you have a G1 magnus, go play, all the intended modes are still possible. The only thing missing is his powered buggy.
The original diaclone toy's 'Convoy' robot was a slightly lighter blue than that on the trailer, making him different than Hasbro's Diaclone Ultra Magnus. They made all the blues the same colour. For some reason I painted this Like Hasbro's instead of Takara's original. :confused:

I want a powered buggy.
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Either thats delta magnus or shattered glass magnus