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Operator Fantasy 7

Sadly, I have to end the enthralling mystery of that ominous letter 'O'
It was this! ;)

My piece from the 21 Pirates exhibition 2016.
The theme was to mix a game and a movie. I went with Final Fantasy 7 and Robotech: The movie.

I DID NOT exploit a loophole so as to draw some 80's anime! Robotech the Movie is real and was totes shown in a theater! I am super cereal!

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interexting mix of megazone 23, RTM and FF7, Nice
RyugaSSJ3's avatar
What? No Tifa Lockhart? Oh well,this is exhilarating. Puts a smile on my face. :)
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So awesome. Love this combo and anytime you can work Robotech into anything is a good piece of work. 
el-maky-z's avatar
Amazing!! Nice work =D
Zepeda's avatar
Man this is nice! This looks like an anime I would watch!
Beserker989's avatar
Awesome!!! this kinda reminds me of Megazone 23
RyugaSSJ3's avatar
It IS Megazone 23. It's just called 'RT the movie' when it was dubbed and brought to the states. ;)
Beserker989's avatar
kkkkkkkk that was a good one XD
RyugaSSJ3's avatar
Well,they do call me funny for a reason.
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There is absolutely nothing I don't love about this. As always mate this is an outstanding work of art! 
DeadCobra's avatar
It is wonderful
Somvold's avatar
Amazing job on the layout and composition besides combining them together.
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Excellent work - and yes I remember the Robotech movie. It was mostly just a rip of the anime "Megaroad" and a few scenes from "Southern Cross".
         kawai mochi 
ShadowLockhart's avatar
I'm also picking up a slight Akira vibe
Joybuzzer's avatar
Nice!  Even before reading your comments, I was all "Looks like FF and Robotech" :)
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Awesome work. The only thing that sort of sticks out to me is Aerith's hand. It's a bit masculine...
Strangerataru's avatar made Aerith into Lynn Minmei?
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