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Kamui to Kotori

OK, it's official, I can't draw Kamui!:la:
well, not very well, anyways. Kotori was a real treat, but I still think I drew her eyes the wrong shape T.T

Anyways, this one I took with my camera, since my scanner doesn't seem to like markers on this paper-seriously the scan looks naaaaasssssty! maybe I need to twiddle some settings (sometimes I really hate digital media :/)

Made fully by hand!
Copic markers on cartridge paper.
inked with a cartridge pen (which, interestingly enough is marker proof on this paper-go figure!)
Background was a combination of markers and acrylic paint

The burned bits of paper are just that-burned bits of paper! XD I held them over the hob thingy on the oven in the kitchen. Glued on with simple glue.

I got (stole?) the idea from CLAMP, a 'CLAMP in wonderland' piece had a frame style thing on it, which was created by burning the edges of a piece of paper. I wanted to try the idea, and was already working on this, so thought it was a nice piece to experiment with.

Fan art of Kamui and Kotori from X/1999 by CLAMP

(I'll try re-scans or even a better quality photo over the next few days)
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Jan 1, 2009, 12:09:04 PM
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its as close to clamp as I've seen with others. too bad she got offed by her psycho brother.
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Wow!! That was one off my favourite manga (^_^)
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Oh wow this is really beautiful. :D
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Your welcome. :D
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Very nicely done, love your traditional work
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Thank you very much :)
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Absolutely lovely <3
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this is beautiful. what brand of cartidge pen did you use?
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It's a regular cartridge pen, bought from a store named 'WH Smith' It's the store's own brand. Simple and not really expensive but I really like it. I love dip pens, and how the pros use them, but as much as I try I can't quite use it very well. Cartridge pens are kinda the next best thing and very similar :)
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thanks. i'll try it out.
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very weird it deleted what you told me before i could write it down. i quess cause i replyed but our convert is not on the kamui to kotori so i could see what you said Oo..

can you please tell me again, sorry for the trouble. i promise to write it down this time lol. i'm very interested to find ink pens that are water proof cause the ones i have now are not and they are a pain with my copic markers ><
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well, it's a good job this little mistake happened since I didn't realise you were asking for this reason. :) I can't remember completely now, but I think it has more to do with the paper. If you use the cartridge pen on marker paper, I think it does bleed a little with markers. The kamui piece was done on cartridge paper, which didn't cause the problem :) to completely avoid bleeding you want the copic multiliner. You can buy different nib sizes, and they are easy enough to find on ebay.

as for the cartridge pen, it is the store's own brand of pen. I'm in the UK, and it's from a shop named WH Smith. To be fair, I think any brand of cartridge pen would be just as good, be more careful with the cartridges themselves. I simply buy the same make as the pen...obvious really:D but I did try a cheaper batch of cartridges once and they bombed, so there is a difference. You are basically looking for something like this: [link] a simple handwriting pen--it's not that pro of me, but like I say I have trouble mastering dip pens and this really is a nice alternative. For me at least :)
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thanks so much ^^ i saved the info and will look into trying it out. i always like to try different things to see what works better for me.
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not a problem, you are welcome :)
And that's the best way to go ;)
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I can tell it's the clamp style its the only oldies style i like. Clamp is awesome
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CLAMP are indeed awesome!
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Just beautiful :'D
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Wow, dude, well done!!! O__O
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