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Date this form was created:
Full name of Character:
Reason, meaning or purpose behind the name:
Reason for nickname:
Social class:

.:|Physical Appearance|:.

How old they appear:
Eye Color:
Glasses or contacts?
Hair color length and style:
Weight and height:
Type of body (build):
Skin tone and type (i.e., harry, slimy, scaly, oily, fair, burns easily):
Shape of face:
Distinguishing marks (dimples, moles, scars, birthmarks, etc.):
Predominant feature:
Is s/he healthy?
If not, why not? Or why are they healthy?
Do they look healthy? Why/why not?


Character’s favorite color:
Least favorite, why?
Least favorite music, why?
Expletives (curse):
Mode of transport:


Greatest Strength:
Greatest Weakness:
Soft spot:
Is their soft spot obvious, why/why not:
If not, how do they hide it:
Biggest Vulnerability:
Most at ease when:
Most ill at ease when:
How they feel about themselves:
Past failure they would be embarrassed to admit:


Type of childhood:
First Memory:
Most important child hood event that still effects him/her:


Relationship with her:
Relationship with him:
Siblings, How many, relationship with each:
Children of siblings:
Other extended family:
Close? Why or why not:


Optimist or pessimist? Why?
Introvert or extrovert? Why?
Drives and motives:
Extremely skilled at:
Extremely unskilled at:
Good characteristics:
Character flaws:
Biggest regret:
Minor regrets:
Biggest accomplishment:
Minor accomplishments:
Darkest secret:
Does anyone know?
How did they find out:


How do they relate to others:
How are they perceived by strangers:
The Hero/Heroin:
How do they view the Hero/Heroine:
First impression of the character:
What happens to change this perception:
What do people like most about this character:
What do they dislike most about them:


Long term:
How do they plan to accomplish them:
How will others be effected by this:


How do they react in a crisis:
How do they face problems:
Kind of problems they usually run into:
How they react to new problems:
How they react to change:


Favorite clothing, why:
Least favorite, why:
Other accessories:
Where do they live:
Where do they want to live:
Spending habits, why:
What do they do too much of, why:
Most prized possession, why:
People they secretly admire, why:
Person they are most influenced by, why:
Most important person in their life before story starts, why:
How do they spend the week just before the story starts:
Ok, I had no idea what to categorize this as first off. So please don't flame me if you see this as your browsing and it's among things where it doesn't belong.

Secondly, this is the form I use to create most of my OCs, and during forum discussion, I was asked the process in which i do so. So, I decided that I'd post this up for anyone to use, and frolly around with. I know coming up with ideas for new characters can be hard, but this helps me alot. That is, knowing alot about the character before drawing them.

So yeah, please feel free to do with this what you like. A useful tip from me to you! XD
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I'm so glad I found this! I've been struggling with the tiny details for so long...

Lord, thank you so much
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This is just what I need for my story characters omg thank you
Hoping this will get me past writers block
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I'll need this, because soon I'll be posting my OCs on my blog! Thank you!!!
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Thanks, this will be a big help to me.
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This is so good!
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when i use this am i aloud ti change it a bit
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thank you, im working on a new oc, this will be useful thank you
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Thank you! I love it! :happybounce: 
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Using U_U
Very helpful 
LittleGraGraCrackers's avatar
This is just what I was looking for! Extremely helpful~ :D
Violet-Lights's avatar
I was delighted to find this! Thank you for making it, it will definitely help me organize myself!
JBantha's avatar
just what i was looking for
Shy-Sniper's avatar
I'm gonna use this in my OC ref sheet, if you don't mind. Of course if you do I'll find something else. (Keep in mind I'm giving you credit)
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this is really helpful to me thank you~:D (Big Grin) 
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O.O this is so great! Thank you!
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This is amazing! But one question, if your OC is a robot, what would be their occupation/class?
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this was needed XD thanks!
skarlett-rosetta's avatar
Thanks for this used it and linked back to it. xD
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