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ABDL Model Girl

Baby Stuff

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A Brother + Glue + Doll Costume =

Dolly Stuff

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Dolly Wolly Part 37

“THE GAME COULDN’T BE MORE SIMPLE” said robo mommy pointing to the coloring book “ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS COLOR IN EACH DISNEY PRINCESS WITH THE RIGHT COLORS AND THEN MOMMY WILL FORGET ALL ABOUT THIS LITTLE INCIDENT. HOWEVER FOR EVERY MISTAKE YOU MAKE, THEN MOMMY WILL GET TO PUNISH YOU FOR EACH MISTAKE TOMMORROW. I don’t know the record for the worlds loudest “gulp” but I’m pretty sure that I just topped it. My eyes immediately fell to the book and it appeared that there it contained at least 5 disney princesses. This concerned me greatly because I’m barely knew their names much less the color of th

Dolly Wolly

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Stuck in the locker room

Ally and the Gang

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Dolly Wolly Amy's Part 16

I would of given away not only my birthday presents but also my christmas presents for the next ten years if it meant that I could erase this entire ordeal from my mind but that probably wasn't going to happen. Lauren then tugged on our baby reins and we were then pulled back outside but not before everyone had a final laugh at our expense. "Okay Dollies let's go" said Lauren pointing down the road to another torture chamber to be sure. We were certainly making a racket with all those girls giggling away and not to mention Mark an I out front being the butt of everyone's jokes. I could now feel the breeze against my neck thanks to my new ha

Dolly Wolly Amy's Part

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The Dress Up Game

The Dress Up Game “STUPID STUPID STUPID” I yelled out to myself for about the 100th time now as I once again shook on the solid steel bars that kept me prisoner “HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID!!!!!!!” my mind was racing just thinking about the humiliating position that I now found myself in and I just knew that I was definitely going to be a laughing stock for a long time to come once I was finally free, but perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself so let’s start from the beginning. My name is Emma, I’m a 26 years old girl with a rather slim figure and long flowing light brown hair and a pair of C cup breasts.

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Ultimate Revenge (Art Trade)

Art Trades

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A Magical Problem

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Unreversible revenge

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Vault Drawing 16


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