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Outfit Design 82 by HinaYui Outfit Design 82 :iconhinayui:HinaYui 150 16 Outfit Design 81 by HinaYui Outfit Design 81 :iconhinayui:HinaYui 109 3 Outfit Design 80 by HinaYui Outfit Design 80 :iconhinayui:HinaYui 111 2 Outfit Design  79 by HinaYui Outfit Design 79 :iconhinayui:HinaYui 122 5 Outfit Design 78 by HinaYui Outfit Design 78 :iconhinayui:HinaYui 114 7 Outfit Design 77 by HinaYui Outfit Design 77 :iconhinayui:HinaYui 173 5 Outfit Design 75 by HinaYui Outfit Design 75 :iconhinayui:HinaYui 109 3 Outfit Design 74 by HinaYui Outfit Design 74 :iconhinayui:HinaYui 127 4 Outfit Design 72 by HinaYui Outfit Design 72 :iconhinayui:HinaYui 110 2 Outfit Design 70 by HinaYui Outfit Design 70 :iconhinayui:HinaYui 133 12 Outfit Design 69 by HinaYui Outfit Design 69 :iconhinayui:HinaYui 90 4 Outfit Design 68 by HinaYui Outfit Design 68 :iconhinayui:HinaYui 96 4 Outfit Design 67 by HinaYui Outfit Design 67 :iconhinayui:HinaYui 110 5 Outfit Design 66 by HinaYui Outfit Design 66 :iconhinayui:HinaYui 101 5 Outfit Design 63 by HinaYui Outfit Design 63 :iconhinayui:HinaYui 53 2 Outfit Design 62 by HinaYui Outfit Design 62 :iconhinayui:HinaYui 106 4


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Aunty's Costume Emporium Part Four: Punishment! :iconfeminization-stories:feminization-stories 7 1
A Rockin' Sock Hop
A Rockin' Sock Hop
    NOTE: Check the description of this story when you're done reading it.
    I was a bit upset. I leaned up against the counter of the "diner" we had set up in the lower school cafeteria. Every year, high school students put on a "sock hop" for the fourth graders. We would set up the gym and cafeteria with 50s decorations, played old music, and let the kids dance and have fun. The cafeteria had been turned into a diner where girls would serve the kids milkshakes and hamburgers, while the gym had a dance floor and some carnival games the kids could play. We also would set up a stage for some of the more musically-inclined high schoolers to play 50s tunes for the little kids to enjoy. Last year, Alan Klein and his band played a great collection of Elvis songs and totally killed it. There was also karaoke on the stage, where the fourth graders could try their hands at singing some 50s' classics for a chance to win prizes, To get the kids
:iconfeminization-stories:feminization-stories 13 4
Sissy Academy
Sissy Academy Part One
Note: This story will be written over a very long span of time.
    I had just hit the best homerun of my life. I tore through the bases, not watching the ball as it soared above the head of the outfielder. As I reached third base, the pitcher had gotten the ball. I could risk it all, or play it safe. I decided to go for it. As I sprinted toward home plate, the pitcher threw the ball to the catcher with incredible accuracy. I slid onto the base, just before the ball found its home in the catcher's mitt. The crowd roared. I had won the tournament for the team. I, Wade Peters, was a hero.
    The horrible ringing of the alarm clock woke me from my slumber. My eyes opened to stare into the soft pink ceiling.
    The dream ended, and the nightmare begun.
    I rolled out of my large pink bed, throwing the stuffed animals I slept with aside as I walked over to the pink dresser in the corner of my room. I open
:iconfeminization-stories:feminization-stories 21 3
Mature content
Aunty's Costume Emporium Part Three: Blowout Sale! :iconfeminization-stories:feminization-stories 18 1
Aunty's Costume Emporium Part Two: Painful Apology
    "Shawna West," I cringed at Jeanette's use of my feminized name. "Please come to the center of the store. Thank you." I walked quickly to the open center of the store on the first floor, where shoppers could sit on large pink couches, wondering what was going on, and hoping it had nothing to do with my girly nametag. When I arrived, I saw Jeanette, standing tall on her high heels. Behind her were Mimi, June, Tiffany, Kate, Emma, and Ashley. Perhaps my seven least favorite people in the world right now. I thought my day couldn't get any worse, but I was so very wrong. There were still a good fifty shoppers in the store, as Aunty's usually closes a bit after it's scheduled time to accommodate customers who want to try on costumes. I walked nervously towards them.
    "Shawna, Shawna, Shawna," Jeanette's cold voice chided me condescendingly as I approached. "What are we going to do with you?" I was on the brink of being fed up with everything, but
:iconfeminization-stories:feminization-stories 13 0
Aunty's Costume Emporium Part One: Meet Shawna!
Aunty's Costume Emporium Part One: Meet Shawna!
This story is the first of a few I plan to work on. It was inspired by kaokatt's art, which can be found here for a sneak peak at Shawna's final form: PINK and FLUFFi
    A normal day. Nothing special happening. Another chapter in the book of pain that is my job at the costume shop under my supreme bitch of a boss, Jeanette. I walk into Aunty's Costume Emporium every day, prepared to direct customers to all sorts of frilly and girly monstrosities. Aunty's is one of the largest and highest quality costume stores in the entire United States. The building has two large floors of costumes, as well as a warehouse in the back. The store even gets specialty costumes custom-made for sale from private companies. To add to my increasing torture, the store primarily has costumes for women. There's a men's section, sure, but it's tucked away in the back
:iconfeminization-stories:feminization-stories 18 0
Reception by DovSherman
Mature content
Reception :icondovsherman:DovSherman 1,004 35
Last Bus by DovSherman Last Bus :icondovsherman:DovSherman 577 40
Book of Revenge: Dance

Kendal did his best to keep up with the dance!
(Picture courtesy HinaYui)
I stumbled as the quick buzz in my groin caught me by surprise.  The momentary paralysis threw me off balance.  And while I'd slowly been regaining my strength from the ravages of the tropical disease I'd contracted, I was still nowhere near back to normal.  I hit the floor.  My attempt to put my arms out in front of myself only caused me to lose my pom-poms, doing nothing to actually stop my faceplant on the floor.  My dance skirt, with the tutu-like petticoat hit first, pushing my butt up into the air and making me land full force on my chest.  Pain immediately coursed through my body as my chest had become super-sensitive lately.  But I didn't have time to wonder why.  There I was, flat on my face, butt up in the air.  The music came to a stop, and I looked up into the very stern and disapproving stare of Madame Bulanov
:iconboundinribbons:BoundInRibbons 99 23
Not a Costume Party by DovSherman Not a Costume Party :icondovsherman:DovSherman 616 22 Year of Hina - July by leila-stoat
Mature content
Year of Hina - July :iconleila-stoat:leila-stoat 60 15
She's Back: Dolly McMandrake by leila-stoat
Mature content
She's Back: Dolly McMandrake :iconleila-stoat:leila-stoat 267 64
Foregone Conclusion Of The Year by leila-stoat
Mature content
Foregone Conclusion Of The Year :iconleila-stoat:leila-stoat 231 43
Ele In Two Sizes by leila-stoat
Mature content
Ele In Two Sizes :iconleila-stoat:leila-stoat 139 15
Athrubis War Marionette by leila-stoat
Mature content
Athrubis War Marionette :iconleila-stoat:leila-stoat 239 39
Jack is... Princess Pooty Pan! by leila-stoat
Mature content
Jack is... Princess Pooty Pan! :iconleila-stoat:leila-stoat 215 27
Who the hell are you, I hear you say, and you would be right to ask such a question. For it is I, the artist that is (still) horrifically addicted to pink, and draws those sub par pictures that you all somehow like (I suspect through some kind of accidental, subliminal hypnosis hidden in the pics)

But Joking aside I am back although admittedly not for long, My job is still very hard and still doesn't give me much time, but when my boss isn't slave driving me into the ground, I remember that I actually have a life outside of work and thus pick up the old forgotten digital pencil and sketch out a couple of ideas :) The cool thing about my current job is that it allows me to travel quite a bit, and so in my now worldly travels I can get all kinds of different inspiration for some silly sissy outfits for you all to enjoy :D

Sadly though I didn't have much time to draw them so they are kind of unoriginal in terms of posing and backgrounds and to be quite frank I just took the same character pose I drew for the first one and then just drew different outfits on him :P What I wish I did was draw a simple background of like a scene where a bunch of bullies dress up the same guy over and over again in different outfits, just to make my cheating wayyyyyyy less obvious, but oh well, something to look forward to next time I guess :) 

Regardless though It's fun to be back and drawing even a little bit again :) I have a lot of fun drawing sissy outfits these days, and seeing all the amazingly awesome real life sissy dresses and costumes and outfits that the rest of the world has too :) So I hope you like my silly little pics and I hope that you will like them too :) :) :)
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